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Rinspeed Snap Offers Lego-Like Flexibility to Driverless Vehicles

Concept pairs autonomous EV platform with mix-and-match pods.

by on Dec.06, 2017

This rendering show the Rinspeed Snap's platform and passenger pod before docking.

Think of it as a sort of motorized Legomobile. Swiss think tank Rinspeed is known for coming up with creative – and sometimes wacky – concept vehicles and the one it plans to bring to the Consumer Electronics Show next month would allow a user to plug different bodies onto a flat, skateboard-like electric vehicle platform.

Rinspeed is by no means the first to adopt an essentially self-contained platform that could be used with a variety of different bodies. General Motors first revealed that concept more than a decade ago in the form of its hydrogen-powered Hy-Wire. And most modern electric vehicles now mount their batteries and other key components in or below the load floor.

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But the appropriately named Rinspeed Snap would allow the passenger compartment to separate from its electrified, autonomous platform and be used for other purposes. “(The) pod can even be useful when stationary,” says a release. “it can be anything from a variable shopping pod or a spacious camping pod to a cozy cuddling pod and even provide a breathtaking, fully connected user experience for the occupants of the passenger cabin. The sky is here the limit for the possible applications.”


Rinspeed’s Autonomous Oasis Set for CES Debut

A new take on a “green” machine. Radishes, anyone?

by on Oct.07, 2016

Rinspeed is at it again, creating a haven for drivers and autonomous driving in its Oasis concept.

We can always count on Switzerland’s Rinspeed to come up with a novel way to push the automotive envelope, and it plans to do that again. But rather than wait for the home show in Geneva, the edgy engineering house will bring its Oasis concept vehicle to the Consumer Electronics Show this January.

Rinspeed has, in recent years, focused on electric propulsion, and it’s now putting an increasing emphasis on autonomous vehicles. The Oasis is no exception. Despite its compact footprint, the concept offers a particularly roomy cabin, and that’s where it is designed, indeed, to be a mobile oasis.

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“The interior offers a new living space with the ambience of a modern-day family room: armchair, sideboard, TV and a multifunctional steering wheel, of course,” explains a Rinspeed press release. “The windshield also serves as a screen for virtual as well as augmented reality.” (more…)