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Rinspeed wants to clear your mind.

by on Mar.03, 2011

The Rinspeed BamBoo - where is Brigette Bardo when you need her.

A surprisingly large chunk of real estate at the annual Geneva Motor Show is dedicated to specialty manufacturers and so-called “tuners,” some reasonably well-known, like Brabus, others likely to put in an appearance and then never be heard from again.

But each Geneva show, Frank Rinderknecht, founder and CEO of Rinspeed Inc., is on hand  to present something that is, well, a bit out of the ordinary.

Maybe you remember the E-Go Rocket that was presented in 1998, inspired by the record setting cars of the Bonneville Salt Flats, or the Splash, the sports car that turns into an amphibious vehicle that made it to the ‘Salon’ in 2004.

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Then there was the even more extreme 2008 sQuba, a car that could “fly” under water, inspired by the James Bond movie ‘The Spy who loved me.

Now, the small Swiss automobile specialist has created the BamBoo, a speedster designed to remind you of sunny days on St. Tropez, the famous beach resort in the South of France.


First Look: RinSpeed BamBoo

“Longing for sun" with Brigette Bardot behind the wheel.

by on Dec.02, 2010

Rinspeed comes up with another odd, evocative concept for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

About this time of year, as the sun starts to vanish earlier and earlier and the snows begin to fall, you might understand why the teaser we received from RinSpeed, the quirky Swiss design house, generated so much interest.

A familiar name to anyone who has attended the annual Geneva Motor Show, Rinspeed has a history of coming up with wild and wacky automotive designs – cars that can fly, or transform into submarines.  Last year’s UC? electric microcar could slot into a specially-designed train like a weary traveler into an old-fashioned Pullman bed for long-distance journeys.

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And now comes the BamBoo, which like we sun-starved Detroiters, is “longing for sun, summer, lightness and easiness, the desire to be at the beach,” according to a provocative press release.  And yes, as it continues, we probably can imagine “Brigitte Bardot behind the wheel with playboy Gunther Sachs at her side heading towards Tahiti beach.”

In keeping with the name, this safari-style concept vehicle makes extensive use of bamboo for its interior componentry.  The basic design is as simple as it gets, and actually brings to mind some of the delightfully odd and retro machines that Nissan brought to the Japanese domestic market in the 1990s, such as the snail-like – and appropriately named — S-Cargo.