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Marty’s Marketing Minutia – Handicapping the Super Bowl Spots

We interrupt this commercial to bring you a game.

by on Feb.03, 2012

VW goes to the Star Wars cantina.

Super Bowl XLVI – At last the hype will be over

Football is a fast game.  In any single NFL play, all the blocking, tackling, running, passing and kicking – with an occasional stomp – the action will all be over in barely six seconds.  By comparison, the typical Super Bowl spot will run on a seemingly infinite 30 seconds.  If only the typical commercial could deliver nearly as much action, intrigue and suspense, despite the hype of recent weeks.

We’ve been overwhelmed by all the teasing, tempting and taunting — not with arcane football details but with news, snippets, even special commercials, about all the commercials that will be competing with the Super Bowl itself this coming weekend.  Where the commercials once provided an excuse to get up, grab another beer and perhaps answer nature’s call, they have become an event unto themselves, prompting preview coverage worthy of the sports hype on networks like NBC and ESPN preceding the championship football extravaganza.

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It’s like giving away the Giants or the Patriot’s game plan. Where is the suspense? The delight of something surprising, funny, ground breaking, interesting and yes, even poignant and provocative, will be missing. And that is sad. According to researchers half the fans watching the game are waiting for the commercials. They take their food or bathroom breaks during football and wait for the commercials.