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10 Reasons Ford Should Keep Ranger

Compact pickup still a strong seller.

by on May.17, 2010

It may be ancient, by automotive terms, but the 2010 Ford Ranger is still a solid seller.

It’s one of the oldest vehicles in the domestic fleet, regardless of manufacturer, and hasn’t gotten any significant mechanical update since 2001.   It won’t meet upcoming changes to U.S. automotive safety standards.  And, so far, there are no plans to bring it into the modern era.  It would only seem like common sense for Ford to abandon the compact Ranger pickup, as planned, next year.

But there are plenty of reasons why the Detroit maker should keep the truck alive.  Just look at the sales charts.

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Our occasional contributor – and publisher – Mike Levine calls to our attention the fact that despite its age, in a market where newer is normally better, the Ford Ranger is still a strong contender, and not just in its narrow market segment.

Last month, the automaker sold 5,220 copies of the pickup, while year-to-date Ranger sales ran 17,514 through April 30th.