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“Heaven and Earth” Move in New Ram 1500 Campaign

Truck maker putting increased emphasis on Latino buyers with new Ram 1500.

by on Oct.08, 2012

A scene from the new Ram 1500 ad campaign.

Chrysler’s Ram truck brand hopes to pry free normally loyal Ford and Chevrolet pickup buyers with a cinematic new ad campaign marking the launch of the newly updated Ram 1500 truck. Perhaps appropriately, the spots have been dubbed “Heaven and Earth,” suggesting the lengths Ram will go to in a bid to win over new buyers.

The campaign, which features the gravelly voice of Western actor Sam Elliott, will make its debut this coming weekend and marks the continuing ramp-up in spending by Chrysler’s truck brand – which was spun off from Dodge three years ago.

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The multimedia campaign will also spotlight the rapidly expanding Hispanic community which accounts for a disproportionate share of pickup purchases in the U.S. market, officials noted. The campaign will feature singer Juanes, a 17-time Latin Grammy winner.

“With this truck launch we literally swing for the fences,” said Fred Diaz, the head of the Ram division as well as president of Chrysler’s Mexican operations.


Ram Partners with Walmart to Promote Pickups

Tapping into “the hunting/fishing lifestyle.”

by on Aug.12, 2011

Ram hopes there's synergies in a new partnership with Walmart tapping into the "hunting/fishing lifestyle."

Chrysler’s Ram Truck brand will partner with Walmart this fall to promote its pickup trucks.

Details are still forthcoming, but the partnership will “recognize the alignment between truck buyers, the hunting/fishing lifestyle and Walmart. We are working on a promotion that brings all three together,” said Marissa Hunter, Ram’s head of advertising.

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Walmart’s fall outdoor lifestyle partnership program, which includes the Mossy Oak camouflage brand, will go live across thousands of Walmart stores, Hunter said.

The Walmart effort will be part of Ram’s newly launched “Code of the West” national ad campaign that debuted online in June and will begin airing on TV in September.