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Chinese Government Focused on Hybrids and EVs

Western makers will provide the R&D for technology that China will ultimately own and possibly export.

by on Aug.11, 2010

The masters of the Middle Kingdom have big plans for hybrids and electric Vehicles.

It’s no secret that indigenous Chinese automakers are not competitive with western ones when it comes to existing manufacturing prowess, quality and vehicle design.

That’s the reason the Communist party with its lock on the Central Government in Beijing made a series of industrial policy decisions during the past two decades that forced the most successful foreign automakers and suppliers to establish joint ventures, if they wanted access to what is now the world’s largest vehicle market.

It is arguably the world’s largest self help program, with the express goal of becoming competitive in the auto business without requiring the more than 100 years of learning accrued in the west.

Beijing leaders are now looking at and taking decisions on the next steps – how to establish leadership in emerging technologies that the Chinese can dominate in the home market and export globally, as China consolidates the industry and forces the foreign companies into smaller roles. (more…)