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Cadillac Changes Ad Agencies – Again

Musical chairs – but is Chrysler left without a seat?

by on Jun.29, 2010

It's now up to Fallon to help Cadillac move the metal as the GM division's new ad agency.

It’s a game of musical chairs in the automotive ad world, these days, and it’s hard to find many brands that haven’t changed their seats – or partners – in recent months, though some seem to be moving more often than others.

Like Cadillac, which has yet again switched agencies under the orders of General Motors’ new marketing czar, former Hyundai wiz kid Joel Ewanick (who is himself on his third job since the beginning of the year).

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GM’s luxury arm will now be teaming up with the well-respected Fallon, part of mega-agency Publicis Groupe.  The decision to switch to Fallon was something of a lateral move, however, since Caddy had, not that many months ago, switched its multi-million dollar account to another Publicis agency, Bartle Bogle.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia

Argumentative, accolades and artifacts

by on Jun.05, 2009

New GM reinvention commercial continues previous arrogance

Guess who?

Guess who?

This week I’ve seen new commercials and videos produced for Government Motors, err, the new General Motors that are as arrogant, audacious and asinine as any produced ever by a company known for being arrogant, audacious and asinine! 

Well, at least twice in previous years, Gilded Motors emitted an electronic commercial stench on the airwaves: Once for their off-price commercial following 9/11, which I panned as the ad critic for Automotive News; the second for the introduction of the Silverado truck. In this campaign, Gaffe Motors assembled a kaleidoscope of cliché images and trucks as John Mellencamp sang “This is our Country” as a slap at the competition for their trucks. Hokey. Awful. Terrible It was satirized on SNL it was so bad. The comb-over of commercials. 

For the current Gasping Motors offerings during Chapter 11 proceedings — and they aren’t even out yet — so it must be Gratuitous Motors. Click here  but be forewarned to have a commercial sickness bag handy. 

Millions – workers, retirees, dealers, suppliers, stockholders and others — are in the ceramic financial receptacle without relief possible. Businesses are closing throughout America. Entire communities are devastated. Philanthropic institutions, the arts, sports, and other worthy causes are or will be bereft. There are years – yes, years of pain lie in the future for millions. And it’s all quite legal. 

And we America’s taxpayers who will own ~62% of the wreck that needed to be scrapped (read John DeLorean’s book) are asked to believe the new company has changed. Ha! GM’s new commercial gives us the new chapter two version of previous corporate arrogance, hubris and more of what caused the demise of the company. Just more of the same, but done by a new ad agency.  (more…)