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VW Teams up with Protean on Potential EV Breakthrough

Hub motor technology being tested on Chinese version of Jetta.

by on Dec.13, 2013

Volkswagen experiments with the use of hub motors on a concept version of its Chinese Bora sedan.

Volkswagen is teaming up with Protean Electric, a promising battery-car technology supplier, to test a new system that could dramatically alter the way vehicles are designed and built.

The German maker is testing Protean’s hub motor technology on its Bora sedan, the Chinese version of the VW Jetta. The project could lead to a production model in the next few years, though the partners aren’t currently revealing specific plans.

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One of the potential benefits of electric propulsion is that the space under a car’s hood can be freed up, a vehicle’s motor – or motors – moved to other locations, such as replacing the traditional center differential.  Protean’s approach is to move the motors to inside a vehicle’s wheels.


Electric Motors: Moving from Under the Hood to Inside the Wheel

U.K. supplier says in-wheel motor is more efficient, reduces weight.

by on Aug.17, 2010

The Protean Ford F-150 concept uses electric motors inside the wheels to power the truck.

The power used to drive any vehicle eventually finds its way to the wheels, so maybe it makes sense to put the motors there.

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That’s the thinking of Protean Electric, a new company that has developed electric motors that are installed in a vehicle’s wheels.

The U.S. arm of United Kingdom-based company has developed a Ford F-150 that uses the technology. For the F-150, Protean removed the truck’s V-8 motor and installed bright green Protean Drive electric motors inside the wheels where the brakes normally reside.