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Toyota Motor to Rehire Some Workers in Japan

It's the first, small expansion of the workforce since 2008.

by on Sep.30, 2009


Rehired workers will make components for the third generation Prius hybrid.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced in Tokyo this morning that the number of fixed-term employees it plans to hire starting in October would be approximately 1,600.

The largest Japanese automaker said the decision to increase the number of contract employees “reflects future production plans, against a backdrop of gradually recovering worldwide automobile sales encouraged by tax-incentive and subsidy programs implemented in various countries.”

Recruiting is to center on former TMC “fixed-term” employees, with those rehired expected to take up positions in various plants from the beginning of October through early November.

Hire Us!

Hire Us!

It is the first, small expansion of a contracted workforce since June of 2008. Since then the loss-making company has slashed its temporary workforce in Japan from 9,000 workers to 1,300, as it cut production after the collapse of Lehman Brothers a year ago sent the world’s markets into crisis. Similar cuts were made in other markets.