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GOP Flustered by Trump Administration on Trade Issues

President's ambiguity on agricultural issues causing problems.

by on Feb.21, 2017

President Donald Trump's "border tax" plan is getting a lukewarm reception from the Republican Party.

Republican concerns about Trump administration policies on trade and trade agreements continue to expand, according to The Hill, a political website that monitors Congress.

Trump’s “border tax,” which is part of what the President has described as an effort to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., has been meet coolly in the GOP controlled Senate even though it has been blessed by House Speaker Paul Ryan who sees it as a way to offset the revenue loss that follow a sweeping tax reform package Trump is also promising to deliver.

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However, with the price of wheat, corn and soybeans falling, trade is also quickly emerging as a major issue for Republican lawmakers, who are increasingly worried about Trump’s promises to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement and his decision to scuttle the Trans Pacific Partnership. (more…)

Clinton or Trump: Change Coming to Auto Industry

Regardless of who wins election, industry facing new landscape.

by on Aug.25, 2016

Republican nominee Donald Trump wants to rip up NAFTA and doesn't favor the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The automobile industry will face changes with the departure of the Obama administration, regardless of whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump emerges as the next U.S. President in November.

A Clinton presidency would be the most stable in terms of the regulatory environment for the auto industry. The most likely changes would be to the terms of NAFTA, although we would expect less drastic proposals than those from Trump, according to a new analysis from BMI Research, Fitch Group’s research arm.

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The report noted that both presidential candidates elected to deliver speeches on the economy in Michigan highlighting the importance of the state, and the autos sector as its major industry, to the general election campaign. (more…)