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Porsche Rolls Out Gen-3 Cayenne Ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show

Flagship SUV grows longer, faster, lighter.

by on Aug.30, 2017

The third-generation 2018 Porsche Cayenne.

It might seem hard to believe but there was a time, not all that long ago, when skeptics predicted Porsche’s imminent demise. How, they asked, could a company known for sleek sports cars like the 911 ever imagine selling a sport-utility vehicle?

Well, we all know how that turned out. The Porsche Cayenne has been the German maker’s best-selling product almost since the day it debuted, encouraging it to add a second SUV, the Macan, to its line-up a couple years back. Indeed, the success of the Cayenne ushered in a dramatic shift in the high-line luxury market, just about every exotic brand now offering at least one SUV. And those, like Aston Martin, who don’t have any are rushing to join the crowd.

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So, no surprise, Porsche is working hard to keep Cayenne fresh and a step ahead of the competition. The third-generation ute makes it official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, but we’ve gotten an advanced look at what’s coming.


Porsche Spices Up Cayenne for 2015

New SUV borrows E-Hybrid platform from Panamera.

by on Jul.24, 2014

The 2015 Porsche Cayenne Turbo is one of four models available in the maker's portfolio for the SUV.

Sport-utilities have been zipping off dealer lots this year and Porsche looks to take advantage of that by finally unveiling an update to its popular Cayenne SUV that’s already sold half-a-million copies since its introduction in 2002.

While the 2015 model does get some freshening on the outside, it’s the number of choices in the Cayenne portfolio that catches the eye. For the third iteration, the Porsche presents four options in the U.S.: Cayenne Diesel, Cayenne S, Cayenne Turbo, and Cayenne S E-Hybrid, which is the first plug-in hybrid in the premium SUV segment.

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In fact, Porsche brags that it is the only automaker with three plug-in hybrid models in its line-up – the other two being the Panamera S E-Hybrid and the 918 Spyder. Borrowed from the aforementioned Panamera, the new Cayenne E-Hybrid pairs a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 with 333 horsepower to an electric motor with 95 hp for a combined 416 hp. (more…)

Porsche Speeds into Geneva with Green Racers

New 919 Hybrid, 911 RSR plus Macan diesel debut at show.

by on Mar.03, 2014

Porsche's Matthias Muller debuted the German maker's 919 Hybrid racer at the Geneva Motor Show.

Porsche’s run of innovation will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show as the German maker is showing off its 919 Hybrid sports car and the 911 RSR at the show.

The 919 will participate in the LMP1 category of the sports car World Endurance Championship (WEC) in 2014, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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With the new efficiency-based regulations of the WEC calling for hybrids, “the 919 Hybrid can therefore be regarded as a research laboratory for the technology of future production vehicles,” Porsche said. (more…)

Macan Can Push Porsche Past its 200,000 Goal in 2015

Small SUV intro should get maker to goal three years early.

by on Feb.11, 2014

Porsche's new Macan SUV is expected to help push the company past is goal of 200,000 deliveries a year in 2015: three years early.

Seems like so many German automakers are making public proclamations about when they’ll reach a certain sales goal and sticking to them no matter what the market is doing, except one: Porsche.

Porsche executives said the company will reach its goal of delivering 200,000 vehicles…three years early in 2015.

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The German maker delivered 162,145 vehicles in 2013, which was a 15% increase over the previous year largely due to demand for the Boxster and Cayman doubled. The company has introduced several new models in the last decade, such as the Cayenne, Cayman and Panamera, helping the sales numbers higher and higher. (more…)

Porsche Macan to Debut in LA

Downsized SUV to become Porsche’s 5th model line.

by on Nov.08, 2013

The Macan is expected to become the best-selling model in the Porsche family.

The Porsche Macan will make its long-awaited world debut at the upcoming L.A. Auto Show, one of many global and North American product introductions the maker has scheduled for the annual event.

Set to become Porsche’s fifth product line, the Macan will target the compact crossover niche, one of the fastest-growing segments in both the U.S. and global automotive markets.

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Named for an Indonesian tiger, the Macan is a downsized counterpart to the long-popular Porsche Cayenne and is based on the same platform as the Audi Q5.  Porsche has promised it will “combine all sports car characteristics with the benefits of an SUV.”


Porsche Betting Macan Will Be Its Best-Seller

New crossover could account for 40% of maker’s volume.

by on Sep.13, 2012

Porsche has offered just a sketch of the Macan but could reveal more at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Porsche is clearly counting on the new Macan crossover to deliver big next year, accounting for perhaps 40% of its total global sales volume, a significant feat for any vehicle, never mind an all-new and untested product.

Named for an Indonesian tiger, the Macan is a downsized counterpart to the long-popular Porsche Cayenne and is based on the same platform as the Audi Q5.  Porsche promises it will “combine all sports car characteristics with the benefits of an SUV.”

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The benefits to Porsche, in fact, will be on the bottom line, the maker now telling suppliers to tool up to provide parts for 75,000 of the crossovers next year.  That’s a big jump from Porsche’s original forecast that it would sell just 45,000.


Porsche Names New Small Ute the Macan

by on Feb.16, 2012

The Porsche Cajun is now the Macan.

Hold that tiger.  Porsche has named it new small crossover/SUV the Macan, a name it derived from an Indonesian word for tiger.  Set to be the fifth product in the expanding Porsche line-up, it will begin production in 2013.

Macan replaces Cajun, the original codename for the compact crossover.  While that might seem odd for Americans who are likely to associate Cajun with New Orleans and Mardi Gras, the Germans had a very different perception – and pronunciation, saying it as “Kay-YOUN.”

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Whatever the name, the new model will slot beneath the extremely popular Porsche Cayenne, a product that helped redefine the German sports car maker when it first appeared on the market a decade ago.  While it was a stretch, early on, to convince buyers that the Cayenne belonged in the line-up, there should be far less resistance to the Porsche Macan, analysts believe.


Porsche Plans Big Expansion for New Cajun Crossover

Will invest $685 million in Leipzig plant.

by on Oct.19, 2011

Porsche will invest $685 million to prep for the launch of the new Cajun sport-crossover.

With its Cayenne sport-utility vehicle now the brand’s best-selling model, Porsche is planning a hefty investment to ensure a second, smaller crossover — dubbed Cajun — gets off to a good start.

That will include a 500-million Euro investment to expand the German maker’s showcase plant in Leipzig, Germany where production of the Cajun is set to begin in late 2013 The Leipzig plant, which opened in 2002 and is something of a tourist attraction in old east Germany, is already used for building the Porsche Cayenne, the maker’s first sport-utility vehicle, as well as the four-seat Panamera sports car.

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The Cajun will target a lower, more mainstream segment than Porsche’s current SUV, potentially opening up markets where the Cayenne is simply too big – as well as expensive – such as Europe. But with even U.S. buyers downsizing as fuel prices rise, the maker also sees opportunities in the States.


Porsche Approves Cajun Crossover

New crossover set for 2013 launch.

by on Mar.16, 2011

Porsche formally approves the Cajun crossover.

It was only a matter of time.

With the Cayenne now the single most popular model in the Porsche line-up it was only a question of finding the right crossover to add to the model mix, and now the Germans have apparently found what they’re looking for – giving the go to the much-discussed Cajun concept.

The downsized crossover, which looks like the love child of a 911 and a Cayenne, will be produced at the Porsche plant in Leipzig – which means Cajun will be built alongside both the Cayenne and the 4-door Panamera, another model that has stretched the limits of what defines a Porsche.

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Plans call for a whopping 1.5 square-mile expansion of the Leipzig plant, with work to begin sometime this year.  While Porsche isn’t revealing specifics, that would hint at a launch of the new model sometime in 2013, either as a 2013 or ’14 model.  The project is expected to add another 1,000 jobs at the Leipzig plant, according to a Porsche press release.  The facility first opened in 2002 to produce the Cayenne, the Panamera being added seven years later.

The Cajun will be slightly lower and shorter – but wider – than the Audi Q5, which reflects the fact they’ll share key underpinnings, much as the Porsche Cayenne has been a fraternal twin of the Volkswagen Touareg.