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Long-Reviled Pontiac Aztek Finds a New Generation of Buyers.

Quirky crossover proves Bad can be good for millennials.

by on Sep.10, 2015

The Pontiac Aztek was hailed for its utility, reviled for its strange design.

Bad is good, at least when it comes to the old, and long-reviled Pontiac Aztek.

Routinely named as one of the ugliest vehicles ever to roll off a Detroit assembly line, the quirky crossover-utility vehicle is suddenly finding a new generation of fans, apparently as a result of its role in the recently ended AMC channel’s “Breaking Bad” TV series.

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The Aztek is just one of several now-discontinued models to connect with Millennial buyers after being largely rejected during their initial production runs. Other models include the Dodge Magnum wagon and Chrysler Pacifica crossover, according to a study by data service


Majority of Americans Have Had Sex in a Car

Now-gone Pontiac was a favorite for lovers.

by on Aug.01, 2014

Better to be in an Aztek than looking at one, especially when survey results show that more people who have been intimate in a car, did so in a Pontiac.

Passion can strike anywhere, and the automobile has often provided a quick and easy refuge for lovers, as so many Hollywood films have reminded us. But fantasy does reflect reality in this instance, a new survey of nearly 3,000 American adults revealing that nearly three out of five have had at least one intimate encounter inside a car.

But the brand of choice, it turns out, will no longer be around to give shelter to lovers, General Motors dropping the much-favored Pontiac after its emergence from bankruptcy five years ago, noted shopping site, which conducted the survey after experiencing a surge in demand for adult toys and lingerie.

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“Don’t Bother Knocking (If This Van’s Rocking)” was the name of a popular album by group Fu Manchu, picking up on an even more popular bumper sticker. For some, cars serve as mobile motel rooms, while for others to fill in when a more comfortable bedroom isn’t available, various studies have suggested. (more…)

Birth of the Muscle Car: the Pontiac GTO at 50

The unlikely story of how the "Goat" came to market.

by on May.13, 2014

Pontiac initially started out by stuffing a big V-8 under the hood of its little LeMans to create the new GTO.

News about the GM ignition switch recall debacle is a stark contrast to a time when it was the unrivaled automotive leader that built cars people wanted – no, desired.

A reminder of those heady days recently occurred at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California in celebration of the 50th anniversary of a GM car that turned heads, tore up the streets and became an icon – the 1964 Pontiac GTO.

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It came to market within months of another legendary model also celebrating its Golden Anniversary, the Ford Mustang. But while that “pony car” is still going strong, the GTO – or “goat,” as it was known to fans — has faded into memory, despite a failed attempt to revive the nameplate on one of the last products Pontiac produced before it, too, was tossed onto the automotive rust heap following GM’s 2009 bankruptcy.

But there was a time when the GTO tapped into the needs and desires of young people who were just reaching driving age, becoming an icon of the ‘60s and ‘70s.  Ironically, it almost didn’t get made.


Toyota Recalling 6.4 Mil Vehicles Worldwide

Nearly 30 different models impacted by a variety of problems.

by on Apr.09, 2014

The Toyota Highlander is one of many vehicles covered by the Japanese maker's huge new recall.

In one of the largest announcements in several years of major safety-related news, Toyota Motor Co. is recalling nearly 6.4 million vehicles for a variety of problems worldwide.

Some of the vehicles are actually covered by more than one recall, and the announcement also impacts products sold by two other makers – Subaru and General Motors — that were produced by Toyota. Adding the Subaru Trezia and Pontiac Vibe to the list brings the total number of vehicles involved in the recall to 6.76 million worldwide.

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Toyota says it has no reports of crashes or injuries related to any of the recalls – though it did note two fires linked to one problem, a defective engine starter that can keep a motor running even if the motorist wants to shut the vehicle off.  That is not related to the defective engine switch problem that has led GM to recall more than 2.5 million vehicles since mid-February.


Six Deaths Linked to GM Recall

Nearly 800,000 vehicles involved.

by on Feb.13, 2014

The old Chevrolet Cobalt shown here was later replaced by the current Chevy Cruze model.

General Motors is recalling nearly 800,000 older compact cars due to a problem that the company acknowledges is linked to six deaths.

The recall covers Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 models sold in North America during model-years 2005 through 2007.  According to GM, the weight of the key ring can inadvertently lead to the ignition switch moving out of the Run position when the vehicles are driven on rough roads.  In such a situation, their airbags may not operate during a crash.

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In all, GM reports there have been 22 separate accidents resulting from the problem, including five frontal impact crashes and six fatalities in which front airbags did not deploy. However, a GM spokesperson also noted that in all the incidents resulting in death, the crashes occurred off-road and at high speeds, where fatal injuries might have occurred even if the airbags worked.


Farewell Pontiac

The last Pontiac dealer signs off.

by on Nov.01, 2010

The 1964 Pontiac LeMans GTO Convertible built excitement...and sales.

The muscle car king is dead.  Long live the muscle car king.

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The long, lingering final act of Pontiac final came to an end, over the weekend, when dealers sold off the last new cars bearing the once formidable Pontiac logo and General Motors let its franchise agreement with the brand’s final remaining dealers expire.

The brand once known by its catchy slogan, “We build excitement,” expired with a whimper rather than the squeal of tires.