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Renault Debuts Twingo Gordini R.S.

French for pocket rocket is, well, “pocket rocket.” Whatever will L'Académie française pense?

by on Nov.25, 2009

The Gordini has the cues, but will it have the cache'?

The Gordini has some of the requisite styling cues, but will it have the cache'?

Reviving a long neglected name of decades ago, Renault becomes the latest automaker to attempt to cash in on a retro trend with the return of a Gordini model today.

Twingo Gordini R.S. premiered at the L’Atelier Renault on the Champs-Elysées as part of the showroom’s Christmas in Blue exhibition.

This latest addition to the Twingo city car lineup goes on sale in Europe next March, with prices announced in February.

The diminutive A-car uses the same performance and equipment package as the Renault Sport version of the Twingo. This includes a “Sport” chassis with 17-inch wheels; 1.6-liter, 133 horsepower gasoline engine with specially tuned exhaust; front seats with extra lateral support, and blue and black quilted Gordini-badged leather upholstery.

It's been a long, long time.

It's been a long, long time.

Twingo Gordini R.S. has a Malte Blue lacquered metallic finish, and two white racing stripes, as the original Gordini racing cars had. The front and rear bumpers have gloss black details, while the foglamp surrounds, exterior mirror housings and lip spoiler are all in a contrasting white finish.

Gordini Series badging either side refers back to the heyday of the Gordini Cup when the qualifying heats of the different races were known as séries.

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Faites-le Maintenant!

The garb is an update from the from the past when Gordini models used French blue, white stripes and four round headlights as cues, which all contributed to the identity of a series of rally cars over a 20-year period.