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Pedestrian Deaths Rise 10% in 2015

More miles driven in U.S. adding to the problem.

by on Mar.08, 2016

Increased miles by drivers as well as a larger number of people walking for exercise contributed to the spike in pedestrian deaths in 2015.

Looking both ways before crossing the street may not be enough these days as a newly released report estimates a 10% increase in the number of pedestrian fatalities in 2015.

The Governors Highway Safety Association analyzed data for the first half of 2015 and based on those results came up with the double-digit increase in deaths compared with 2014 results.

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“Pedestrian safety is clearly a growing problem across the country,” said Richard Retting of Sam Schwartz Consulting and co-author of the report. (more…)

Vienna Stoplights Take Stand for Equality

Campaign to promote tolerance timed to support charity event.

by on May.14, 2015

Vienna is using gay- and lesbian-themed traffic lights to promote tolerance in the city.

Motorists and pedestrians alike have had quite a surprise in Vienna this week. The city is taking a strong political stand for equality – and using its traffic lights to get the message across.

Dozens of traffic lights around the center of the historic city have replaced the traditional, gender-neutral stick figures at pedestrian crossings with lights that show pairs of figures. Some are of traditional couples, but others are adorned with images of two men or two women, complete with hearts.

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The campaign is timed to coincide with several big events promoting tolerance, including the Life Ball, the largest charity event in Europe aimed at raising money for HIV and Aids research. The city also will host the annual Eurovision Song Contest, which, significantly, was won in 2014 by Austrian cross-dresser Conchita Wurst. (more…)

Orlando is America’s Most Dangerous Place for Pedestrians

by on May.23, 2014

Despite recent efforts to improve safety, pedestrian deaths have risen for the past few years.

Disney World may be the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but walking the mean streets of the “Theme Park Capital of the World” may not be such a pleasant experience.

Walking in Orlando is almost akin to being on a theme park ride, but without the safety equipment or procedures, according the latest edition of the Pedestrian Danger Index (PDI).

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“We are allowing an epidemic of pedestrian fatalities, brought on by streets designed for speed and not safety, to take nearly 5,000 lives a year; a number that increased six percent between 2011 and 2012,” said Roger Millar, director of the National Complete Streets Coalition. (more…)