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U.S. Auto Thefts Fall to Lowest Level Since 1967

Crackdowns work as theft rate falls over 7% in 2010.

by on Jun.22, 2011

Car theft fall sharply in 2010 - though there are major "hot spots in California, experts warn.

Maybe it’s the video game craze?  You’re certainly less likely to get busted for stealing a car in Grand Theft Auto.  A nationwide crackdown is getting at least some of the credit for what appeared to be a 7.2% decline in car thefts last year.  The preliminary number, if it holds, would mark the seventh annual decline in a row and mark the lowest level of car thefts since 1967.

The West Coast remains a hotbed for car thieves, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which found that the Los Angeles suburb of Fresno saw the relatively rare increase in car thefts in 2010, which launched it from fifth to first among the urban regions NICB tracks.

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Other Left Coast hot spots included Sacramento, Spokane and San Francisco – Oakland, the insurance trade group reported.  California had eight of the Top 10 areas for car theft in 2010.

At the same time, Los Angeles was one of the many cities to report a decline in car thefts, along with the New York region, Dallas, Detroit and Miami.