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First Drive: Land Rover LR4

We imagine an off-roading adventure honeymoon for newlyweds Wills and Kate.

by on May.04, 2011

Land Rovers are all about adventure and the LR4 is ready to deliver.

With the royal couple, Prince William and his princess, Kate, now officially hitched, it’s fun to fantasize about where the world’s most famous couple might take their honeymoon. The easy suggestion would be private tropical island lounging on the beach or snorkeling at an exclusive resort.

But Wills and Kate have shown that they have an adventurous side. Instead of the obvious choice of spending their time lounging at the water’s edge, what if we sent the future king and his bride on an off-roading adventure? Maybe ford some streams, climb some boulders and muck it up in the mud.

Get the Royal Treatment!

But what to drive? A Jeep? No, that seems rather unseemly for a future king. And so very … American. Toyota Land Cruiser? Great heritage, but the only land those behemoths generally cruise these days is paved. No, the royals really don’t have to look very far to find the ultimate in opulent off-roading.

This Land Rover LR4 would seem to be the perfect chariot for our young royals’ adventure. It has indisputable off-roading capability, but still coddles with exquisite leather and a finely tuned stereo. Best of all, it’s as British as tea and crumpets.