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Obama Faces Fine for Skipping London “Congestion Charge”

Presidential limo stuck with $193 fine.

by on Jul.21, 2011

"The beast," the presidential limo, during its recent trip to London.

As if things in London weren’t already in an uproar over the News of the World hacking scandal, which threatens to embroil senior government leaders, police officials, as well as the Murdoch-owned media.  Now comes word the London bobbies are chasing American President Barack Obama.

Seems the commander-in-chief blithely let his security team drive all over London, during his recent visit, without coughing up the $16 daily “congestion charge” that the British capital has enacted in an effort to eliminate its endemic traffic congestion.

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Never mind that he was there on official state business – and at the invitation of British leaders that included Prime Minister David Cameron.  A fee is a fee, according to London’s Mayor Boris Johnson, who apparently used some of his brief time with Obama to remind him that he had to pay up.