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Automakers May Sidestep Resin Shortage

Meeting today could identify chemical alternatives.

by on Apr.30, 2012

A fire at the Evonik plant in Marl, Germany killed two and created a potential shortage of key resins.

What seemed, just last week, a crisis that could bring the global auto industry to its knees may actually turn out to be little more than an annoyance, or so industry leaders could learn today.

A late March explosion at a chemical plant in Germany left automakers scrambling when it appeared they might soon run out of a resin called PA-12 – alternately known as Nylon-12 – something with applications in everything from fuel tanks to seat fabrics.  The problem is that the German firm, Evonik, is the world’s largest producer of PA-12 and a precursor chemical that other manufacturers use to make the material.

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By mid-March some automotive suppliers were already warning of impending shortages – triggering emergency meetings around the globe, including one in Detroit that brought together more than 200 automotive executives charged with finding either new supplies or substitute materials.


Carpet Company Could Save Auto Industry from Disaster

Stainmaster offering to help offset serious resin shortage.

by on Apr.20, 2012

One of the raw materials used in Stainmaster carpets could save the auto industry from a serious shortage.

Faced with a shortage of a critical resin used for everything from seat fabric to fuel tanks, as well as brake and fuel lines, automakers may turn to an unlikely ally, the Kansas firm best known for its Stainmaster carpets.

Wichita-based Invista, Inc., it turns out, is one of the world’s few manufacturers to have a surplus of a chemical called CDT – a primary ingredient needed to make resin PA-12.  Also known as Nylon-12, it has been in increasingly short supply since a March explosion and fire killed two workers and put a factory in Germany out of action.

That plant, operated by supplier Evonik, is the primary source of both CDT and Nylon-12 for use in the auto industry.  With supplies dwindling, automakers around the world face the prospect that many of their assembly lines could grind to a halt in the coming weeks.