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Chevy Hopes to “Wet” Appetite for Camaro Z28

"Track-ready" Camaro gives the Porsche 911 a run for the money around the 'Ring.

by on Oct.17, 2013

The 2014 Camaro Z28 makes a pass around Germany's grueling Nurburgring circuit.

Chevy dropped a bombshell earlier this year when it announced the revival of the formidable Z28, a 500-plus-horsepower version of its 2014 Camaro. Now, with the track-ready coupe ready to roll into showrooms, the maker is hoping to whet – make that “wet” – potential buyers’ appetite.

The General Motors division took one of the new Camaro Z28s over to Germany for a run around the grueling Nurburgring circuit. And not only did it deliver an impressive time of 7:37.47 in a drizzly mist, but it beat the numbers for the Porsche 911, a model generally considered much more at home on the tight and twisty ‘Ring than a classic American muscle car.

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While the costly Z28 is likely to become little more than a niche model, Chevy is betting it will put a halo around the 2014 Camaro’s more mainstream versions – critical in reversing a 6% slide that could let the Ford Mustang regain its pony car sales crown for 2013 after lagging the Camaro since its re-launch a few years back.