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Renault-Nissan Partnership Set to Overcome Latest Crisis, Says Ghosn

Expect a lot more consolidation in the auto industry, says Renault-Nissan CEO.

by on Oct.28, 2015

While consolidation is essential to the auto industry, it won't be easy to make work, warns Ghosn.

The 16-year-old alliance between Japan’s Nissan and France’s Renault isn’t about to break down, Carlos Ghosn, who serves as CEO of both companies, said during an appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Widely considered the most successful relationship of its kind in the auto industry, questions have been raised by reports that the French government wants to raise its stake in Renault, something that could shift the power balance of the alliance. Some observers now expect Nissan – which holds no voting rights in its ally – to step in and purchase a stake in Renault.

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While Ghosn declined to address specifics, he stressed that he doesn’t see the Renault-Nissan Alliance breaking down. “From time to time you are going to have crisis, problems, divergence,” he said during his news conference, but the two companies are “aligned on the fact that the alliance has been a tremendous success.” (more…)

Nissan Previews Product Assault for Tokyo Motor Show

Dayz'd, but not confused; Nissan delivers ultra-high-tech concept.

by on Oct.06, 2015

Often home to the quirkiest of concept vehicles, this year’s Tokyo Motor Show won’t disappoint those seeking unique, technology driven idea generators — at least not if Nissan has anything to say about it.

The Japanese maker is bringing 20 vehicles to the biennial event. Some, like the sporty Gripz crossover, have been seen already, but the star of the show could bethe maker’s Teatro for Dayz concept set to make its world debut in Tokyo.

The exterior isn’t necessarily cutting edge, reminiscent of the boxy Nissan Cube, but it’s the functionality that makes it distinctive. The concept is designed to cater to the desire of younger drivers to have the latest in technology while keeping them interested in cars.


Nissan Offers First Official Look at New GT-R

“Race inspired” Nismo version will make 600 hp.

by on Nov.19, 2013

Nissan adds a new Nismo version of the 2015 GT-R.

A day before the formal opening of the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan is making headlines with the first official images and details of the next-generation GT-R sports car. For 2015, that will include a new “race inspired” Nismo version that will make a full 600 horsepower.

But even the “base” version of the 2-seater won’t be far behind as it adds another 50 horsepower over the outgoing Nissan GT-R. The Japanese maker promises the new version will enhance its “multi-dimensional performance,” which emphasizes handling as much as the GT-R’s raw power.

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More curvaceous than the outgoing version of the sports car, the automaker bills the 2015 Nissan GT-R as more of an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary transformation.  That covers not only the changes made to the V-6 powertrain but updates to the GT-R suspension, body and interior, where Nissan has focused on improving quality and comfort.

But as with any supercar, the numbers will be a major part of the story.


Nissan Hints it May Build Off-the-Wall Pivo 3

Simplifying urban driving.

by on Dec.02, 2011

Nissan hints there's a future for Pivo 3.

In keeping with Tokyo Motor Show tradition, Nissan has, over the years, introduced an assortment of odd and unusual concept vehicles.  Yet, it has also had a history of putting some of the more promising ones into production, including a series of so-called “Pike Cars,” like the snail-shaped S-Cargo.

So, as the maker displays the third in a series of show cars dubbed Pivo perhaps it’s no wonder why folks are wondering whether the Nissan Pivo 3 just might also make the jump from concept to production.

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The latest to get the Pivo name since 2005, this year’s Nissan Pivo 3 concept targets the emerging market for so-called Urban Mobility Vehicles, micro-sized vehicles that can navigate the crowded streets of cities like Tokyo, Beijing, London, perhaps even New York, and leave an environmental footprint even smaller than the vehicle itself.

“This is not just a show car,” the maker suggested, adding that, “PIVO 3 is what Nissan envisions to be a more ‘realistic’ EV of the near future.”