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NY Taxi of Tomorrow is Finally Here Today

But controversy continues.

by on Sep.04, 2015

Hundreds of the Nissan NV200 Taxis of Tomorrow are already on the streets of New York.

After years in development, a tough shoot-out among competitors, and a series of legal challenges, New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow is officially on the road.

But, in typically blasé Big Apple fashion, the formal launch of the modified Nissan NV200 vans has largely been ignored by city officials and taxi riders alike.

Come Along for the Ride!

The official transition comes five months after the April 2015 date set by the NY Taxi & Limousine Commission. And many of the city’s cab riders might not even notice the change, at least not immediately, as it could take several years before the Nissan yellow cabs dominate on city streets.


Courts Sideline NYC’s Taxi of Tomorrow

Mayor broke the rules in awarding contract to Nissan.

by on Oct.09, 2013

A Nissan NV200 Taxi of Tomorrow cruising in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.

New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg apparently didn’t play fair when it came to choosing the next generation of vehicles that would pick up fares across the Big Apple.

One of the billionaire mayor’s signature plans was to replace all of New York’s existing taxi fleet with a customized version of the Nissan NV200.  The van won a much publicized shoot-out sponsored by the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission that, in the final round, pitted Nissan against Ford and a start-up manufacturer from Turkey.

A Fare Deal!

But the plan was tossed out by the Manhattan Supreme Court which ruled that Bloomberg and the commission blithely ignored a key line in New York’s city charter which had been revised to require that all future cabs be equipped with hybrid powertrains.


Nissan Under the Spotlight

It’s not all EVs.

by on Aug.26, 2013

Nissan is betting on innovation to help it gain market share and boost revenues.

For a while now, Nissan Motor Co. has been more or less defined by the huge bet on electric vehicles placed by Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan executives insist their electric vehicle initiative is doing fine but the company is actively pursuing bigger goals, ranging from expanding the global reach of its premium Infiniti Brand to supplying taxis to New York City to bolstering its position in the commercial vehicle market around the world.

Get a 360-degree View of the Automotive World!

Meanwhile, Nissan’s sales have roughly doubled since 1999 when it was forced to turn for help to the French carmaker Renault, a partnership that ultimately led it back to financial health.


Yo, Taxi! New Yorkers Get Their First Look at the “Taxi of Tomorrow.”

Roomier, safer, and no more fighting over the center seat.

by on Apr.04, 2012

Nissan's new Taxi of Tomorrow in Times Square.

It’s as iconic a symbol of New York as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and street vendors selling hot dogs.  But over the next several years the Big Apple’s classic yellow cab will get a decidedly different look.

No, it’ll stay as yellow as the mustard on those hot dogs, but starting in 2013 hack fleets will began phasing out the aging Crown Victoria and other recent cab models, replacing them with the so-called “Taxi of Tomorrow.”  That’s another way of saying a customized version of the Nissan NV2000.

Be In the Know!

The Japanese maker won a three-way shoot-out last year that pitted it against Ford’s planned cab replacement, the Escape crossover, and another entry from a small firm in Turkey that proved especially popular with New York cab customers.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia – NY Auto Show Edition

New Yawk, New Yawk, it's a hell of an automotive town.

by on Mar.30, 2012

Nissan will have a lot to say about its new Taxi of Tomorrow during the NY Auto Sow.

Lots of parties, Javits, more parties, Javits, some dinners, airport crush then home

Party and event planners, caterers, bars, four star restaurants, hotels from luxury to lout, limo services, cabs and other purveyors of service and satisfaction in the Big Apple have been smiling for weeks: the New York Auto Show starts next week.  Gentlemen and ladies start your pedometers or get the smart phone app – there are miles upon miles to be logged in just two days inside Jacob Javits Center as the 2012 New York International Auto Show gets underway.

Bring ear plugs, the music will be very loud and dissonant. Sun shades help as the halogen lights bounce and reflect off the constantly shining surfaces of the vehicles on display. It’s time to catch-up with friends, colleagues and industry gossip during the hike to yet another reveal and executive speech.

Your Trusted Source!

It’s the NY Auto Show — relax and enjoy – this is the best! Spring can now officially begin. Passover starts Friday night — not during the show for the= first time in years for those who have missed first night sedar. The annual Easter egg hunt in Central Park and Fifth Avenue fashion promenade is just days away.  Try to get a cab early for the ride to La Guardia, JFK or Newark – it’s gonna be one helluva mess to get through TSA no matter which airport, starting Thursday and becoming unimaginable Friday.  If you’re not making the trip to NYC, no worries –Infiniti, Nissan and Hyundai among others will have live streaming of their media conferences.