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2015 Nissan Murano to Make NY Auto Show Debut

Maker offers a subtle tease of new CUV.

by on Mar.24, 2014

Nissan teases the new 2015 Murano.

At a time when most manufacturers tried to disguise their early crossovers to look like conventional sport-utility vehicles, Nissan took a decidedly different direction, when it launched the original Murano, a halo vehicle for the makers expanding range of crossovers and CUVs.

Where to go next?  The little Nissan Juke crossover that debuted at the recent Geneva Motor Show suggests that the Japanese maker isn’t backing away from its commitment to edgy styling.  Far from it.  We actually got a hint of what’s coming in early 2013, when Nissan rolled out the radical Resonance design concept.

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Now it’s ready to show us the real deal, the 2015 Nissan Murano slated to debut at the New York Auto Show next month.

We’ve gotten a couple teaser images of the new car that provide another hint of what’s coming, Nissan promising that the 2015 Murano “features a spacious, premium interior and advanced, purposeful safety and connective technology.”


Nissan Likely to Launch U.S. Hybrid Production

But despite new Tenn. battery-car plant, hybrid batteries will still be imported.

by on Jan.24, 2013

The hybrid-powered Nissan Resonance will reappear in production trim as the next-generation Nissan Murano.

Nissan is likely to start producing a new generation of hybrid-electric vehicles at its assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee in the near future.

The Infiniti JX is among the first models assembled in the U.S. that will be equipped with Nissan’s new 1-motor/2-clutch hybrid system, senior sources told Other American-made models, including the new Altima and Pathfinder, along with next-generation versions of the Rogue and Murano may also add hybrid drivelines in the near future.

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But countering some newly published reports, the batteries for the hybrids will likely continue to be imported from Japan despite the recent launch of a new lithium-ion plant alongside the sprawling Smyrna factory complex.


Cadillac ELR, Ford Atlas, Nissan Resonance Win Auto Show Design Awards

Former GM “car czar” Lutz honored for design role.

by on Jan.17, 2013

Team members celebrate the EyesOn Design Production Car Award for the Cadillac ELR.

According to the latest consumer surveys, good fuel economy is the number one factor for potential car buyers.  But put two vehicles with similar mileage together and you can be all but certain most customers will opt for the more stylish model.

No wonder good design plays such a significant role in drawing the public to an auto show like the North American International Auto Show, or NAIAS, in Detroit.  And a group of professional stylists have weighed in on which of the nearly 60 cars, trucks, crossovers and concepts had the most visual appeal.

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The 2014 Cadillac ELR, the luxury maker’s new plug-in hybrid, got the nod winning the EyesOn Design Award for Best Production Vehicle.  And in a first-ever tie, the Ford Atlas and Nissan Resonance shared honors with the EyesOn Design Award for Best Concept Vehicle.


Coming to America: Nissan’s Next-Gen Murano

Based on Resonance Concept, crossover will shift to U.S. plant.

by on Jan.10, 2013

The Canton plant will soon produce eight different models. Ot launched the new Altima just last year.

Expect some big changes when the next Nissan Murano crossover comes to market in 2014.

For one thing, the midsize CUV will sport an all-new body based on the Nissan Resonance Concept debuting at next week’s North American International Auto Show.  And, for the first time, it’s expected to be paired with an optional hybrid powertrain – one of 16 gas-electric models the Japanese maker intends to launch by 2016.

But the next-gen Murano also will start rolling out of Nissan’s big assembly plan in Canton, Mississippi. It will become the eighth product produced at the plant, which is just celebrating its tenth anniversary.

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“As we look back on ten years of manufacturing in Canton, it’s become clear throughout the Nissan network that ‘Made in Mississippi’ is a stamp of quality and great people,” said Bill Krueger, vice chairman of Nissan Americas. “With the addition of this new model in Canton, Nissan is well on its way toward meeting our goal to manufacture 85% of the vehicles we sell in the U.S. right here in North America.”


Nissan Previews Resonance Crossover Concept

CUV show car will return as next-gen Nissan Murano.

by on Jan.10, 2013

The Nissan Resonance concept is powered by the maker's latest hybrid drivetrain system.

The parade of previews and teases continues as manufacturers prepare for one of the busiest Detroit Auto Shows in years.  With nearly 60 new models set to debut at Motown’s Cobo Center it’s no wonder manufacturers are vying for attention ahead of time with images like this one previewing the Nissan Resonance Concept.

If the basic shape seems somewhat familiar, well, no surprise.  Expect to see the Resonance return in the very near future in production form as the next-generation Nissan Murano.

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In concept form, Nissan says the “envelope-pushing crossover” is powered by a hybrid-electric powertrain.  That’s also likely to reappear as one of the options the Japanese maker will offer on the production Murano.