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Nissan Caught in Garmin Nuvi Fire Recall

Dealer sold Nuvis can overheat, possibly burn.

by on Sep.13, 2010

Leaf uses 24 kWh Lithium-Ion batteries, with controls that should prevent overheating.

Nissan has told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it is recalling vehicles that were equipped with a Garmin Nuvi model 750, 760, and 765 navigation systems. The batteries contained in the affected GPS units can overheat and catch on fire.

This, the latest example of how fragile and vulnerable some lithium ion batteries are, comes as Nissan and General Motors – among other makers – plan to start sale of thousands of vehicles with huge lithium ion battery packs on board. Makers say that extensive safety controls and chemistry changes are in place so that, for example, Leafs do not become burning leafs.


Garmin is recalling approximately 1.25 million Nuvi navigation devices globally – about 796,000 units were sold in the United States. Nuvi model numbers 200W, 250W, 260W, 7xx and 7xxT (the xx is a two-digit number) may be affected.  To determine if a unit is affected, customers can visit