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Automakers Hit by Ransomware Attack

Several Renault-Nissan European plants temporarily idled.

by on May.15, 2017

Nissan's Sunderland plant was one of several European auto plants impacted by the attack.

With the Wannacry ransomware attack again heating up as the workweek begins, at least two automakers have been hit, forcing both France’s Renault and its Japanese alliance partner Nissan to temporarily idle some of their plants in Europe.

“We are doing what is needed to counter this attack,” a Renault spokesperson said, while Nissan stated it is “responding accordingly” to what may be the world’s single-biggest attack by hackers, computers in as many as 100 countries reportedly impacted, according to various news wires, by Monday morning.

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That includes everything from individual computers to corporate networks, as well as the British healthcare system. Approximately 20% of the hospitals in Great Britain were impacted in recent days, forcing many to cancel all but emergency medical procedures.

What worries cybersecurity experts is that while the Wannacry attack appeared to be winding down as the weekend began, there were signs that a new assault was underway on Monday.


Nissan Scrambles After Major Cyber-Attack

Claims customer data, vehicle program files safe.

by on Apr.20, 2012

What the hackers wanted is unclear but could have been intellectual property, such as data on the battery drivetrain in the Infiniti LE Concept, shown here with Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan Motor Co. is scrambling to recover from a major attack by so far-unknown hackers who found a hole into the maker’s global computer network.

Officials are still trying to get a complete sense of the damage and are facing the massive task of shoring up the system, an official told, but Nissan says it appears that neither its customer data nor vehicle program files were compromised in the well-planned attack.

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“We have detected an intrusion into our company’s global information systems network,” revealed Nissan Motor Co. Executive Vice President Andy Palmer, who added that the Japanese maker’s “information security team confirmed the presence of a computer virus on our network and immediately took aggressive actions to protect the company’s systems and data.”