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Nissan Vmotion 2.0 Enhances Maker’s Intelligent Mobility Efforts

Maker moves toward zero deaths, emissions.

by on Jan.09, 2017

The Nissan Vmotion 2.0 is a new concept vehicle that signals the company's future sedan design direction and Intelligent Mobility technology.

Nissan put a new and stylish face on its concept of “Nissan Intelligent Mobility” today at the North American International Auto Show with introduction of its Vmotion 2.0 in Detroit.

The Japanese maker’s idea for intelligent mobility centers on zero emissions and zero fatalities. This concept uses the latest technology and design move toward those goals.

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Vmotion 2.0 is the evolution of the “V-motion” front design signature seen on many of today’s Nissan vehicles, the maker said, including the Murano and Maxima. The new concept takes the design a step further by forming an “intelligent three-dimensional shape to create the volume and architecture of the vehicle.” (more…)

Nissan IDS Autonomous Battery-Car Concept Delivers Clean, Safe Driving

“Revolutionizing the relationship between car and driver.”

by on Oct.28, 2015

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn introduces the automaker's IDS concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Nissan has set out some aggressive goals for itself. It was the first major automaker to launch a battery-car, the Leaf, and it hopes to be the first to put an autonomous vehicle into high-volume production. The show car making its debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show is meant to show off the clean, safe technology the Japanese maker plans to deliver.

The low, sleek design of the IDS Concept – short for Intelligent Drive System – meanwhile, hints at the direction Nissan will take with the second-generation Leaf now under development, that battery-car expected to deliver more than twice the range of the Nissan Leaf currently on the road.

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The IDS provides a vision of vehicles to come which will “revolutionize the relationship between car and driver,” said Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, during the official unveiling of the IDS. (more…)

Nissan Teases Mystery Car Before Frankfurt Show

But crossover likely to be next-generation Juke.

by on Sep.08, 2015

Nissan's show car teaser has kicked off plenty of speculation prior to the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Who is that masked man? Or so went the line from the old Lone Ranger TV show. Lately, the question might be, what is that masked car? There’s been plenty of speculation about the teaser image Nissan has released in advance of its news conference at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Unlike some manufacturers who have given us a clear sense of what to expect next week, Nissan has issued only a most cryptic comment, its news release asking, “”So can Nissan continue to innovate and move the bar higher? What if Nissan created a new way to feel driving excitement? The answer will come at the Frankfurt Motor Show.”

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Among the wilder theories, some are speculating this mystery vehicle might be an all-new replacement for the Nissan Z-Car. Considering the huge migration from passenger cars to utility vehicles, perhaps that might actually make a bit of sense. But the reality is likely a lot simpler.


Nissan Hopes to Sway Small Car Buyers with New Concept

Nissan Sway concept expected to reappear as the next Nissan Micra.

by on Feb.25, 2015

The Nissan Sway concept is believed to be a close-to-production design tease for the next Micra.

Nissan is out to prove that big things really can come in small packages, the maker offering up a first teaser image of the new Sway concept vehicle it plans to unveil at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

The small hatchback is expected to be a thinly disguised version of the next-generation Micra, according to several sources spoke with. The Nissan Sway concept underscores the increasingly competitive nature of the minicar market, particularly in Europe, where buyers expect many of the same features, and much the same level of creature comfort, as they’d get in larger products.

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“Sway is a glimpse at how a future generation of small Nissan models could look if the company’s striking new design language was applied to a European hatchback,” Nissan said in a short release accompanying the teaser image.


Sao Paulo Show Spotlights Some Hot Concepts

Nissan, Fiat and Chevy roll out some edgy possibilities.

by on Oct.30, 2014

The new Nissan Kicks concept takes the Nissan Extrem from pure fantasy to a market position that is a little closer to reality.

While we media scribes tend to focus on a handful of big car shows in Europe, North America and Asia, we risk missing some promising prospects that show up in other locales, this year notably the car show in Brazilian capital Sao Paulo.

Among the makers rolling out concepts for the occasion are Fiat, Chevy and Nissan. Each appears focused on finding distinct new white space between conventional product segments. That’s a tradition in Brazil, but according to several industry sources, don’t be surprised to see some of these show cars wind up in production – possibly even making it to the American market.

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That’s a particularly solid possibility, we’re being told, for the Nissan Kicks, a second take on the Japanese maker’s 2012 Extrem concept. (more…)

Nissan Concept Due in Detroit – Will Reveal “Future Design Direction”

Prototype likely hints at next-gen Maxima.

by on Aug.21, 2013

Nissan offers up a hint of where its future products' designs will be evolving.

Nissan has been rolling out an assortment of new products and doesn’t show any signs of easing off on this vehicle blitz anytime soon, not according to senior executives gathered this month to give automotive journalists a heads-up on the company’s plans.

That includes a quick look at one particularly intriguing model that Nissan’s global design and creative director Shiro Nakamura revealed will make its formal debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show next January.  Nakamura said the concept vehicle will reveal the “future design direction” for the Nissan brand.

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Though shown only as a rendering, the brief glimpse came as a surprise not only to the journalists assembled in Southern California but apparently to other Nissan staff who had no idea what Nakamura had in store.


Nissan Previews Resonance Crossover Concept

CUV show car will return as next-gen Nissan Murano.

by on Jan.10, 2013

The Nissan Resonance concept is powered by the maker's latest hybrid drivetrain system.

The parade of previews and teases continues as manufacturers prepare for one of the busiest Detroit Auto Shows in years.  With nearly 60 new models set to debut at Motown’s Cobo Center it’s no wonder manufacturers are vying for attention ahead of time with images like this one previewing the Nissan Resonance Concept.

If the basic shape seems somewhat familiar, well, no surprise.  Expect to see the Resonance return in the very near future in production form as the next-generation Nissan Murano.

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In concept form, Nissan says the “envelope-pushing crossover” is powered by a hybrid-electric powertrain.  That’s also likely to reappear as one of the options the Japanese maker will offer on the production Murano.


Nissan Hi-Cross Concept is Thinly-Disguised, Next-Generation Rogue

Concept also reveals Nissan’s all-new hybrid drivetrain system.

by on Nov.30, 2012

Are you the next Nissan Rogue? Apparently.

Show cars have a habit of vanishing into the ether once their run on the auto show circuit has come to a conclusion. But don’t be surprised to see the Nissan Hi-Cross, making its public debut at the LA Auto Show this month, land back in the public eye in the months ahead.

Actually, to be more precise, expect to see the Hi-Cross Concept’s design resurface when Nissan updates its compact crossover, the Rogue, next year. Senior officials confirm that the Hi-Cross styling will be “very close” to the look of the next-generation Rogue.

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And, like the 7-seat Hi-Cross Concept, the next-generation Nissan crossover will get an optional hybrid powertrain featuring the maker’s latest gas-electric drive technology, has learned. The system will go into production next year in several Nissan models.


Nissan Goes to Extrem With Hatchback Concept

Maker targeting big growth in Brazil.

by on Oct.22, 2012

The Nissan Extrem show car borrows design details from the GT-R and 370Z.

Nissan is going to Extrem lengths in its bid to plant its flag in the booming Brazilian market.

That’s the name of its new concept hatchback – the first show car the Japanese maker has ever developed specifically for Brazil, now the world’s third-largest national automotive market.  Don’t be surprised to see elements of the Nissan Extrem show up in production form once the maker’s new assembly plant near Rio starts rolling in late 2013.

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The 2+2 was developed by Nissan’s advanced styling studio in Santa Monica, California, Nissan Design America, or NDA.  But it’s specifically targeted at Brazil, which has seen some of the fastest automotive sales growth in the world in recent years, tracking just behind the fast-paced Chinese market.

Described by Nissan global design director Shiro Nakamura as “high character,” the Nissan Extrem looks a bit like the love child of a Murano and Hyundai Veloster.


Nissan Reveals TeRRA Concept

Hint of next xTerra styling?

by on Sep.12, 2012

Nissan envisions a zero-emissions off-roader in the form of the TeRRA Concept.

Nissan is giving a sneak peek at the new TeRRA Concept it will formally unveil at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

Don’t expect to see the all-wheel-drive crossover, or more precisely, its hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain, in production anytime soon, the TeRRA may just give some insight into some of the things Nissan is working up for the near future.

While some elements of the styling are clearly over the top, notably the prismatic LED headlamps, the broader design cues just might have an influence on the next-generation xTerra sport-utility vehicle or the eventual update of the smaller Juke CUV.

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“We took our inspiration from the lifestyles of youthful customers in Northern Europe,” said Shiro Nakamura, Nissan senior vice president and chief creative officer. “We heard their aspiration for sustainable mobility that can take them anywhere they want to go.”