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Ford Sport Utes, Crossovers Most Likely to be Stolen

Escape leads the way; Edge and Explorer round out top three.

by on Jun.17, 2014

The Ford Escape is the most stolen sport-utility vehicles in the U.S., according to a National Insurance Crime Bureau study.

Everyone’s heard of “zero-down” deals for new cars, but in the case of the Ford Escape, it can mean something entirely different: it’s the most stolen SUV in America.

In fact, Ford holds the top three spots on the list – Edge and Explorer are the next – compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). The organization annually puts together a list, which this year looked at thefts of 2011 to 2013 model-year SUVs and crossovers from 2010 to 2013. The aptly named Escape was spirited away in 1,421 cases.

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Sport utility and crossovers, which for the purposes of the report are tracked together, thefts are up 31% during that timeframe. Compact SUVs are twice as likely to be stolen as full-size SUVs, the study finds. (more…)

Honda Accord Tops Most-Stolen List

Top 10 list evenly divided between U.S., Asian makers.

by on Aug.21, 2012

Yet again, the 1994 Honda Accord tops the list of most-stolen vehicles, according to a new study.

This is one list you’d probably prefer not to see your car wind up on, but if you own a 1994 Honda Accord it is the vehicle thieves are most likely to target, according to a new study released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The good news is that car theft, in general, has been declining in recent years – though there are some nagging hot spots, especially along the West Coast.  But the NICB’s annual Hot Wheels study shows that thieves are particular about what they go after, whether there’s strong demand for a particular model or they’re just easier to get away with.

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Honda, it turns out, has the two most frequently stolen models, both the ’94 Accord and the ’98 Civic.  The full list follows.  It reveals that Japanese makers built half of the Top 10 models, Detroit the other five.  The list also is fairly evenly split between passenger cars, such as the Accord, and light trucks, including the 2006 Ford F-Series pickup and 2000 Dodge Caravan minivan.


Honda Leads List of Most-Stolen Cars

But Detroit models gain popularity with thieves.

by on Aug.03, 2011

The 1994 Honda Accord was the vehicle most often targeted by car thieves last year.

Honda and Toyota products topped the latest list of the cars most frequently targeted by thieves – but Detroit models are becoming increasingly popular, as well, according to a report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

On the positive side, preliminary FBI data show that car theft is continuing to decline, with the numbers down about 7.2% last year which, if the statistics hold up, would make it the lowest figure since 1967, according to the NICB.

The Inside Story!

The 1994 Honda Accord topped the “Hot Wheels” list prepared annually by the Crime Bureau – its third year in a row at the top — followed by the 1995 Honda Civic.  Rounding out the top three was the 1991 Toyota Camry.  But there was only one other import among the Top Ten, the 1994 Acura Integra, which was eighth.  Domestic-made products, including the 1999 Chevrolet Silverado and 2002 Ford Explorer, made up the rest of the list.  It was the first time since 2002 that more Detroit models made the list than import brands.


Thank Goodness for the Goodness of Canadians

States bordering Mexico buck the declining trend in auto thefts.

by on Apr.14, 2009

Oh, Canada!  Thanks for not stealing our cars.

Oh, Canada! Thanks for not stealing our cars.

After five straight years of declining auto thefts in the United States one thing is clear — our Mexican border remains porous not only to an influx of illegal immigrants but to an outflow of stolen vehicles. So the next time you see a Canadian, thank him or her not only for ice hockey but for their peaceable ways.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) says that 2008 marked the nation’s fifth consecutive year of declining vehicle thefts in the United States. Although most areas experienced a reduction in vehicle theft, there were several noteworthy exceptions in states that border Mexico.

“This is a mixed bag of good news and bad news on the vehicle theft front,” said Joe Wehrle, NICB president and chief executive officer. “The good news is, we’re seeing steady progress in reducing the overall theft rate and that means Americans aren’t shelling out as much to cover the cost of stolen vehicles in their insurance premiums. We’ve also seen significant decreases in key areas along the border such as San Diego, where thefts dropped nearly 20%. ”

The theft rate is calculated by the number of vehicle thefts per 100,000 inhabitants.

“The bad news is that the theft rate continues to increase in areas like El Paso and Laredo where many of the cars, trucks and SUVs being stolen are being used to carry drugs, money and weapons into and out of Mexico. These vehicle thefts are helping finance the drug cartels that are waging war on the Mexican government,” according to Wehrle.

For 2008, the 10 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) with highest vehicle theft rates

2008 Ranking                           2007 Ranking
1. Modesto, CA                                            1
2. Laredo, TX                                               6
3. Yakima, WA                                              9
4. San Diego/Carlsbad/San Marcos, CA       3
5. Bakersfield, CA                                       15
6. Stockton, CA                                            4
7. Las Vegas/Paradise, NV                           2
8. Albuquerque, NM                                      7
9. San Francisco/Oakland/Fremont, CA        5
10. Fresno, CA                                            11

California ranks number one in total thefts. The Texas Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) of El Paso, Laredo and San Antonio, along with Las Cruces in New Mexico each saw an increase in 2008. MSAs are designated by the Office of Management and Budget and often include areas much larger than the cities for which they are named. For example, the Modesto, California, MSA includes the entire county of Stanislaus and other municipalities in addition to the city of Modesto. (more…)