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Honda Recalling 250,000 Vehicles for Braking Problems

Campaign targets Pilot, two Acura models.

by on Mar.14, 2013

The 2005 Acura MDX is one of three models targeted by Honda's latest recall.

Honda continues to be plagued by safety-related problems that have resulted in it being at the top of the automotive recall list in recent years – the latest announcement targeting 250,000 vehicles sold worldwide due to potential brake problems.

More than 180,000 of the vehicles impacted by the new recall were sold in the United States through both the flagship Honda, as well as the upscale Acura, brands.  Some of the vehicles were sold in Japan, Canada, Mexico and other parts of the world, according to the maker.

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According to Honda, “If ann electrical capacitor on the VSA control unit was damaged during manufacture, the VSA system could malfunction and apply a small amount of brake force for a fraction of a second, without any input by the driver.”


Honda Adds 800k More Vehicles to Rollaway Recall

Maker’s recall count approaching 3 million for Q4 alone.

by on Dec.12, 2012

The 2004 Honda Pilot is one of three models impacted by the maker's latest safety recall.

American Honda plans to recall more than 800,000 minivans and crossover-utility vehicles to address a problem that could cause the vehicles to slip out of park and roll away.

The Japanese maker, traditionally known for its high quality, reliability and customer satisfaction has been slammed by an ongoing series of recalls in recent years and appears to be on track for the dubious distinction of having more vehicles involved in safety-related callbacks than any other manufacturer operating in the U.S. for the second year in a row.

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The issue involves the ignition interlock, a device intended to ensure that the key can only be removed when a vehicle is firmly shifted into Park.  But the mechanism in the vehicles covered by the recall could wear over time and allow the key to be removed when the transmission is in Neutral or some other gear, allowing the vehicle to roll away and a crash could occur — possibly leading to injuries or even fatalities.


Honda Recalls 625,000 Accord, Acura TL Sedans

Maker expands earlier action over fire hazard.

by on Oct.01, 2012

Honda will have to repair nearly 600,000 Accords due to the latest fire-related recall.

Honda appears to be well on its way to again leading the market in terms of the number of recalled vehicles.  The maker has confirmed more than 625,000 of its Accord and Acura TL sedans will be impacted by the latest service action due to a potential fire hazard.

The new development actually expands on an earlier recall involving 52,613 of the Acura models sold during the 2007 and 2008 model-years.  The maker has now added another 573,147 Accords equipped with V-6 engines marketed during the 2003 through 2007 model-years.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the power steering hoses in those vehicles could deteriorate prematurely and lead to a leakage of fluid. If that comes into contact with hot engine parts, such as the catalytic converter, the fluid could catch fire.