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Safety Remain Big Issue as 2015 Draws to Close with Flurry of Recalls

Total likely to near new record.

by on Dec.28, 2015

Faulty Takata airbags were a major reason why recall numbers have run so high this year.

From Ferrari to Subaru, the auto industry is ending 2015 with a flurry of safety-related recalls, more than 1 million in the last week alone.

Final figures for 2015 haven’t been released yet, but they’re expected to come in as a close second to the record 64 million vehicles recalled in the U.S. in 2014. And they cover a wide variety of issues and an even wider range of vehicles from faulty transmissions to fire hazards and exploding airbags.


The huge number of recalls over the last two years is not a surprise to Joan Claybrook, a former head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “The companies are more likely to behave and do a recall when they know the law is going to be enforced.”


NHTSA Failing to Meet Its Own Deadlines

Critics say delaying probes means more injuries, deaths.

by on Aug.11, 2014

Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, wants changes in how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration handles petitions.

It appears it’s not just U.S. automakers that drag their feet when it comes to investigating potential problems. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration often fails to meet its own deadlines for responding to complaints.

Fifteen drivers have filed petitions with the federal agency, also known as NHTSA, since 2010 and it missed the legal deadline to grant or deny the investigation requests 12 times, including a 2012 request, which is not yet to be resolved, according to the Associated Press.

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By law, the agency is required to approve or deny a request for an inquiry in four months. There are no penalties for missing the deadline. (more…)