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by on Jan.15, 2010

Committee being formed: Auto Anti Defamation League

Though not as damaging as the auto execs appearance, “the four bankers of the apocalypse” (as they were called by the NYT) appearance before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, were publically castigated, criticized and condemned.

These leaders of the America’s “too big to fail” bankers, AKA arrogant schemers, defrauders and culpable, seemingly dazzled the commission with verbal flights of banking techno-speak and monetary gibberish.  It was a cluster you know what.


In an apparent need to demean the four and thus the banking industry, the former California state treasurer Phil Angelides, who is chairman of the inquiry Commission, compared Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein, to a “used-car salesman who would sell a car with faulty brakes, then buy insurance on the driver.”

That is it. Enough is enough! Time for the AADL — Auto Anti Defamation League.

Bankers from the “too big to fail” group are contemptible, but to say used car salesmen are worse is to paint these valiant sales professionals with the same disparaging brush. Compared to the bankers, or posturing Congressional Committee members, they are above reproach.

Is this just another bureaucratic/governmental crack about the auto industry? If it is, time for a change, isn’t it?

Art from autos, autos as art

Drive, a new exhibit of three artists with automotive themes, open Saturday, January 16th at Daniel Klein Gallery in Birmingham, Michigan.

A mix of photography and paintings, the new show features work by:

  • Tim Buwalda whose paintings make new shapes from crashed automobiles
  • Cheryl Kelly’s paintings on aluminum are of muscle and classic cars
  • Liz Cohen’s photographs establish transformation as the theme (see jump for photo)

Ford’s consumer display

Last year Ford took a bold step and invested a not insignificant sum with Imagination, a long time Ford agency based in London, UK for creating a unique, educational and entertaining venue for its environmental display at the Detroit Auto Show. Click here to see a video of last year’s exhibit space.  (more…)