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‘Sorry, Officer, I Didn’t Hear Your Patrol Car’

N.Y. cop: ‘That’s because it’s a Chevy Volt electric vehicle.’

by on Jul.14, 2011

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces the addition of 50 new Chevrolet Volt electric vehicles to the city's fleet.

Be careful, tooling around New York. The next time your speeding along the 9A – OK, it’s probably a rare day when it’s possible to actually “speed” on 12th Avenue – there might be a Chevrolet Volt silently tracking you.

That’s because the Big Apple is adding 50 Volts – along with 20 other electric vehicles – to its fleets. It is also adding 10 Ford Transit Connect Electrics and 10 Navistar eStar trucks.

Arresting News!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the vehicles will help reduce pollution, carbon emissions and gasoline consumption.

Electric vehicles aren’t new to the city’s fleet, but until now, it’s only had electric scooters and golf carts.