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VW Reveals I.D. Crozz, Promises to Launch Battery Car in China

Battery SUV is third I.D. concept.

by on Apr.18, 2017

Volkswagen's third concept vehicle in the I.D. EV line-up is the I.D. Crozz. The ute could be VW's first EV entry into China.

Volkswagen has pulled the wraps off the third of its I.D. battery-car concept vehicles, offering a hint of what might be in store when it launches its first electric vehicle in China later this year.

VW brand boss Herbert Diess has already promised to put 30 battery models into production by 2025, and many of them are expected to carry the new I.D. sub-brand badge. The German automaker is largely shifting from diesel to battery power in the wake of its emissions scandal. But it is also facing pressure from governments around the world – China, in particular – to adopt new zero-emissions technologies.

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So far, VW isn’t saying which battery model will be launched in China this year. It is likely that it will go with an existing product, such as the e-Golf. But Diess is suggesting that the new I.D. Crozz is being viewed as more than just a concept, with the battery-SUV likely to reach showrooms no later than 2020. (more…)

VW Stretches the Range of its e-Golf

Battery hatchback to get gesture control.

by on Nov.17, 2016

The 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf gets a 50% bigger battery pack, pushing its range to 134 miles on a charge.

Volkswagen is hoping to get more buyers to plug into the all-electric version of its compact Golf line and is betting a longer-range version could give the 2017 VW e-Golf more momentum.

Making its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the battery-electric vehicle gets a 50% bigger battery pack for 2017 that also let it travel nearly 50% further on each charge. That will make it one of the longest-range models on the market, though the e-Golf will get barely half the range of the new Chevrolet Bolt when it hits showrooms in the coming weeks.

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The debut of the updated e-Golf serves as a signal that Volkswagen is committed to battery power. Phasing back on its once-popular diesels in the week of a global emissions test cheating scandal, VW now says it will have as many as 30 different pure battery-electric models in its line-up within a decade, including a production version of the little I.D. model that was unveiled at the recent Paris Motor Show. (more…)

Are These VW’s Electric Cars of the Future?

Patent images suggest radical alternatives to conventional car design.

by on Oct.18, 2016

Patent images of VW's ID reveal just the start of what the maker promises to be an onslaught of 30 EVs.

When Volkswagen unveiled its ID battery-electric concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show last month, company officials promised it would usher in a dramatic shift in the automaker’s future product plans.

Set to reach market no later than 2020, the VW ID will be the first of 30 battery-electric vehicles from the German maker as it shifts from its familiar, albeit tarnished, diesel line-up to a focus on zero-emission powertrain technologies.

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The ID concept adopts the skateboard-like platform already used by Tesla and that will be adopted by other makers, including General Motors and Faraday Future. The layout provides the opportunity to radically change the basic shape of tomorrow’s vehicles – especially if they also adopt autonomous and even driverless technologies. And some patent images attributed to VW suggest some of the things the maker might have in development. (more…)

Volkswagen Identifies a New Direction with I.D. Battery-Car

An “iconic design study with the potential to define history.”

by on Sep.29, 2016

The Volkswagen I.D. makes its Paris debut.

(This story has been updated from the official Paris Motor Show launch.)

Volkswagen appears to have clearly identified a problem – and come up with a solution. With its reputation for building clean, high-mileage diesels in tatters due to its emissions scandal – and with regulators around the world pushing for a shift to zero-emissions alternatives – it is planning a major push into battery-electric technology.

The German maker is offering up a look at the first at what it says will be 30 battery-based models scheduled to reach market during the next decade: the new Volkswagen I.D. This Golf-size EV will likely give some serious competition to the likes of the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevrolet Bolt when it reaches market in 2020.

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The VW I.D. pushes the concept of long range to a new level, the maker suggesting it will run anywhere from 400 to 600 kilometers – 250 to 375 miles – per charge. That would mean even a motorist could travel even longer than with most of today’s gasoline vehicles on a full tank.

“The I.D. stands for a new era of electric cars,” declared VW brand chief Herbert Diess, during the Paris unveiling. (more…)