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New Vehicle Buyers Less Satisfied With Their Cars

Toyota and Lexus take top spot in index.

by on Aug.29, 2017

Toyota is making customers happy with its new products as it took the top spot in the new ACSI.

Americans are buying nearly as many new vehicles as ever, but a new study shows they less satisfied with what they’re getting.

According to the latest results of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, driver satisfaction is down 1.2% to a score of 81 on the ACSI’s scale of 0 to 100. Domestic brands led the decline in scores.

Product News!

Despite General Motors’ improvement — its score rose to 82 — U.S.-based brands fell below the average with Ford down to 81, followed by Fiat Chrysler at 77. Toyota and Lexus tied for top honors with an 86 — slight increases over last year’s results. (more…)

Live from the Tokyo Motor Show!

by on Oct.28, 2015

The 44th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show is now drawing to a close for the media, but that’s not the end of the news made out of the show. is still bringing you many of the stories about the impact of the debuts as well as the long-term trends created during the event and we’re still bringing all of that to you so please check the site often for updates.

Here are our most recent stories: (more…)

New Car Sales Expected to Remain Steady in August

Fiat Chrysler's sales streak may come to an end.

by on Aug.27, 2015

Some observers are predicting FCA's five-year streak of month-over-month sales increases may come to an end in August.

August auto sales may be mirroring the many of the world’s economies these days: uncertain. Predictions about the final tally run from sales being down to sales being up. Much like investors wondering what to do in the tumultuous stock markets these days, the answer depends upon who you ask.

Kelly Blue Book expects sales to decline 4% year-over-year due to the exclusion of Labor Day weekend in this month’s sales results. If true, the slide could put Fiat Chrysler’s long string of monthly sales increases, which has extended for more than five years, at risk, according to KBB.

What a Concept!

On the other hand, TrueCar, the car buying service, suggests sales could wind up rising by 4% and FCA U.S.’s impressive streak of increases is safe. (more…)

Automakers Going Ga-Ga in LA-LA Land

Media days are done, but the news keeps coming.

by on Nov.19, 2014

The official media days may be over, but the stories keep rolling out, so continue checking for complete coverage of this year’s huge Los Angeles Auto Show.

We’ll be updating the site regularly and there’s still plenty more to come.