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First Drive: 2015 Chevy Suburban Remains the Benchmark

Improved ride, mileage and safety features keep it on top.

by on Mar.27, 2014

The 2015 Chevrolet Suburban with more contemporary styling, improved fuel economy and a slew of safety and convenience features is likely to remain the dominant vehicle in the segment.

The new 2015 Chevrolet Suburban has a lot of history behind it.

First introduced in 1930s to carry passengers from suburban railway stations – hence the name – to local destinations, the Suburban has been in production for 80 years and the latest iteration represents the 12th generation of what has always been one of GM’s most profitable vehicles.

Stay on Top!

GM also dominates the market for big, body-on-frame sport utility vehicles and isn’t about to give up that position with the 2015 model. The Suburban and Chevrolet Tahoe, with its shorter wheelbase, account for 50% of the sales in the segment. (more…)

Toyota Hopes for Big Sales Jump on New Highlander

Improved ride, new styling expected to lure buyers from other brands.

by on Dec.18, 2013

Toyota expects sales of the 2014 Highlander to increase 10% compared with the previous year.

With 2014 shaping up to be another promising year for new vehicle sales, Toyota expects sales of the new Highlander utility vehicle to grow by as much as 10% next year as it rolls out the revamped 2014 version of its mid-sized utility vehicle.

Jim Colon, Toyota Motor Sales vice president for product communication, said sales of the Highlander should top 140,000 units despite rugged competition from the Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee. “Mid-SUVs is a very competitive segment, added Colon. But it’s a key segment, accounting for almost 10% of all vehicle sales in the U.S.

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The segment is growing because the mid-sized SUV with three rows of seating has become the vehicle of choice for active families, Colon said. The Highlander has had a strong position in the mid-sized segment ever since the first generation Highlander appeared in 2001. Toyota replaced the original Highlander in 2008 and Toyota started building the third generation Highlander at its big assembly plant in Princeton, Ind., earlier this month. (more…)

First Look: Refreshed BMW X3

German automaker focused fixing some weak areas.

by on Aug.13, 2010

Growing bigger runs counter to increased fuel economy regulations.

The original BMW X3 came as a shock to many fans of the brand for its excessively stiff ride as well as an interior that didn’t live up to the automaker’s usual standards, although it wasn’t noted much by media at the time.

So, the goals for the second generation of what BMW calls a Sport Activity Vehicle were obvious from the start: Fix the suspension and improve the interior.

While we haven’t had a chance to drive the new X3, the people in charge of the new trucklet say the suspension issues have been thoroughly worked out. And after sitting inside a pre-production X3 at the Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, we can report that the new interior is first rate. In fact, the some of the plastic in the production version will be even better than the prototype with less gloss.

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No interior pictures were provided on BMW’s media Web site and journalists were not allowed to take photos of the vehicle in Traverse City.