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Kia Proceeds to Uncover New Wagon

“Aromas that any petrolhead will instantly recognize.”

by on Sep.12, 2017

Kia's Proceed concept could re-ignite a fervor for station wagons — if it comes to the United States.

Kia is Proceed-ing with plans to get big into the station wagon segment — whoops, make that “extended hatch” segment with the debut of the new Proceed model at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Whether you prefer that term, or some other euphemism, like “shooting brake,” “carryall,” “depot car,” or even “estate car,” the new model has been generating plenty of buzz since the Korean carmaker released the first teaser images of the Proceed last week.

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As with the new Stinger, the Kia Proceed is the sort of vehicle that will further enhance the reputation for cutting-edge styling that has been achieved under the guidance of Peter Schreyer, the one-time Audi styling chief, who has worked magic for a brand one known for bland and forgettable econoboxes. (more…)

Kia Proceed Concept Could Trigger Love Affair With Wagons Again

Oops, make that “extended hatches.”

by on Sep.07, 2017

Kia's Proceed Concept, which will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is the latest of an onslaught of station wagons.

Depending upon where you live you might be tempted to call it a “shooting brake,” a “carryall,” a “depot car,” or even an “estate car.” For its part, Kia is calling the Proceed Concept its bringing to the Frankfurt Motor Show next month an “extended hatchback.” For our part we’d dub it a “station wagon,” and a stunning one, at that.

Kia isn’t saying exactly what it has in mind for the concept vehicle, whether it will replace or supplement a line of hatchbacks it has offered in Europe under names like the Cee’d and Procee’d. And, sadly, it is not revealing whether there might just be an opportunity to bring the Proceed Concept to the United States where the once popular wagon body style seems to finally be regaining a market toehold.

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Like the new Kia Stinger, the Proceed is the sort of vehicle that will further enhance the reputation for cutting-edge styling for a brand that, barely a decade ago, was more commonly seen as the maker of boring econoboxes. (more…)