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First Drive: 2018 Honda Accord

Maintaining the gold standard.

by on Oct.06, 2017

Honda's new 2018 Accord is designed to attract younger buyers, according to designers.

Someone at Honda is trying to send a message about the 2018 Honda Accord.

Why else would the automaker show the latest version of their bread-and-butter midsize sedan, at the hotel that played host to the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference in 1944? It was at this remote resort nestled in the White Mountains where representatives from 44 countries hammered out the Bretton Woods Agreement, which created the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank – two institutions that are still with us. Notably, it also propped up the failing gold standard with much help from America, although even the U.S. abandoned it in 1971.

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Nevertheless, the concept of a product being the gold standard among its competitors is very real, rendering Bretton Woods the perfect venue for Honda to reveal the redesigned 2018 Accord. And while you could call this 10th generation Honda the Bretton Woods Accord, by any measure, it’s the gold standard among midsize sedans. (more…)

Honda Investing Big in Future of Accord

Officials believe new model will impact midsize segment.

by on Sep.18, 2017

Honda invested more than $250 million and added 300 jobs at its Marysville, Ohio, plant for the new Accord.

Honda celebrated the kickoff of full production of its top-selling Accord sedan by announcing the $267 million investment in the Ohio plant that produces the car. The new support will bring 300 jobs to the facility.

“The new jobs and production growth will enable us to meet anticipated strong demand for the new Honda Accord,” said Rob May, MAP plant manager, in a statement.

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The money is really a reflection of Honda’s optimism about the midsize car market, and the redesigned for 2018 Honda Accord. Honda officials believe that despite the trend of rising utility vehicle sales in the U.S., the midsize market holds great potential. (more…)

Honda Pulls Wraps Off All-New 2018 Accord

Update: could an Accord Type-R be in the works?

by on Jul.14, 2017

Honda goes to the heart of its domestic opposition, revealing the 2018 Accord in Detroit.

Honda has finally pulled the covers off its tenth-generation Accord, revealing a sedan  that’s both more stylish and lavishly equipped and which takes a “new direction” in its powertrain line-up with the debut of not just one but two new turbocharged engine options.

The launch of the 2018 Honda Accord comes at a critical time for both the Japanese automaker and the auto industry as a whole. Long one of the U.S. market’s best-selling models, the new Honda sedan will launch into a market where buyers by the million are migrating from passenger cars to SUVs, crossovers and other light trucks. Complicating matters, Accord will go up against a dramatic new version of arch-rival Toyota’s midsize Camry sedan.

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“We are redefining the Honda Accord for a new generation of buyers by bringing something unexpected that challenges the idea of what a mainstream sedan can be,” said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president of the Automobile Division at American Honda.