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Motorists Group Wants to Red Light Ticket Cameras

$10,000 challenge to find other ways to deal with red light runners.

by on Nov.23, 2011

Voters have widely rejected traffic camera usage.

With more and more American communities flashing a red light at ticket cameras, the National Motorists Association is offering a $10,000 challenge to prove there are better ways to control traffic at problematic intersections.

The NMA has launched the $10,000 Ticket Camera Challenge to prove that engineering solutions, rather than automated enforcement, can do a better job of dealing with red light runners.

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The effort underscores a growing wave of opposition to ticket cameras around the country, many states and communities either barring or pulling down the devices – which often haven’t delivered on the promise to control traffic while also improving revenues.

“Voters consistently reject camera measures because they are suspicious of safety claims made by public officials and the camera companies,” said Gary Biller, Executive Director of the NMA. “To put cities to the test, we have issued the $10,000 Ticket Camera Challenge.”