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License Plates Now Come Smaller in Texas

DOT approves lower fees for custom license plates.

by on Oct.30, 2009

The fees are still, well, Texas sized.

The fees are still, well, Texas sized.

Today, the Texas Department of Transportation Commission (TxDOT) approved pricing for the re-launch of the so called My Plates program.

My Plates is a private program created by the state legislature to offer Texans more choices in the color and design of their license plates, while at the same time raising money for state services.

In just a few weeks of sales in 2008, about 1300 Texans bought My Plates for their cars, helping the program raise about $170,000 for state programs and services.

The program is said to be popular because it costs taxpayers nothing and offers all Texans a choice in car customizing.

No Fee!

No Fee!

However, the first company awarded the contract to run My Plates ceased operations last fall as the Great Recession took hold.  Ah, the perils of the not so free market.