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Mustangs That Never Were

Ford reveals 50 years of concepts and renderings.

by on Aug.30, 2013

The 1992 Ford Mustang III Concept strongly influenced the pony car launched in 1994.

The new Mustang Ford is expected to unveil next April is part of a rare breed. Only a handful of nameplates have ever lasted a half century. And during those five decades, an equally small number of possible Mustang successors have made it from the design studio to the showroom.

For every car you see on the street, there’ve likely been a dozen or more that never got that far.  Stylists are constantly creating alternatives that go through an extensive vetting process before one lucky winner makes the cut.  And over the 50 years of Mustang, Ford has had plenty of options to choose from, some spectacular while others leave us wondering, “What were they thinking?”

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As part of a splashy, balls-to-the-wall build-up for the official 2015 Mustang launch, the Detroit maker is offering an unusual look into its archive to see some of the pony cars it considered over the decades, some we’d love to have had while others leaving us grateful they never got very far.