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Opinion: Get ‘em While They Last

Could the 54.5-mpg fuel economy standard spell the end of the lusty American V-8 muscle car?

by on Sep.26, 2012

Is it possible the great American V-8 muscle car is entering its final act? For 2013, Ford increased the horsepower from 412 to 420. Other changes include a pair of heat extractor vents in the hood.

Sitting at a traffic light, we wait for the light to turn green, a Ford Focus driver sits nonchalantly in the next lane. When the light turns, we dump the clutch, floor the throttle … and hang on, tires squealing, head slammed against the leather Recaro bucket seat. The Focus disappears in the rearview mirror.

Has it even started moving yet?

There’s nothing quite like the sound and fury of an American V-8 at full brew.

Opinions, We've Got Them!

When historians look back on the story of cars some distant day in the future, they may well look at the mid 20-teens as the zenith of the muscle car. Forget the ’60s when most people thought the muscle cars were fast. Today’s fast cars are simply more powerful and better designed. They’re lighter and modern developments affecting everything from tires to electronic features make them easier to drive and put the power where it can do the most good – on the pavement. They’re even more fuel efficient.

And they’re still dirt cheap. For a little more than $31,000, you can walk into any Ford dealer and walk out with a 420-horsepower Mustang similar to this one that is simply scary fast. The story is similar at the local Dodge or Chevy dealer where salesmen will be happy to show you their similarly powerful Pony Car entries, the Challenger and Camaro.

And they could be some of the last of their kind ever to spin their tires.

First drive: Ford Mustang GT

The 5.0 is back and the original pony car has never been more fun.

by on Oct.29, 2010

The 2011 Ford Mustang GT in Grabber Blue turns a lot of heads.

The number 5.0 holds a hallowed place in Ford lore. For more 25 years, Ford’s 5.0-liter V-8 powered everything from Thunderbirds to F-150 pickups to Broncos. But most notably, they powered Mustangs.

Now, after 16 years in exile, the 5.0 is back. Ford retired the old 5.0, also known as the 302 for its displacement in cubic inches, in 1995, replacing its venerable V-8 with the decent 4.6-liter. But while the 4.6 did a decent job, it didn’t have that beloved number attached to its valvecovers.

Reviews and views!

Don’t think for a moment that Ford’s decision to bring back the 5.0 isn’t partly driven by nostalgia. Automakers decide how big a new engine design will be based on a lot of factors such as the power characteristics it needs, fuel economy and smoothness. But they also make decisions based on what the marketers say will help sell cars.

With this new engine, there was one other important consideration: It had to produce horsepower comparable to the 6.2-liter V-8 in the Chevrolet Camaro SS.