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Slap Those Wipers!

Detroit inventor has help on snowy mornings.

by on Mar.14, 2014

A Detroit-area company has come up with the Motor City Wiper that helps eliminate the build up of ice and snow on wipers.

If you’ve ever had to scrape the snow and ice off your windshield on a cold winter morn – and it seems like everyone outside Southern California has faced that problem this year, you may want to root for a small Detroit start-up that thinks it has a better idea.

Windshield wipers are one of those automotive components most of don’t think much about – until we need them. And when they’re covered with ice that we have to crack off, Motor City Wiper’s solution could be a godsend. They actually smack themselves against your windshield to break off the icy crust without having to grab them manually.

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Could these be the next big breakthrough after the development of the intermittent windshield wiper? The little Detroit firm is hoping so and is hunting around for both financial support and customers – though it reportedly hasn’t generated a lot of interest from automotive manufacturers. That’s no surprise, as it took years for Robert Kearns, the inventor who came up with the most effective intermittent wiper system to see his product gain traction. (more…)

Woodward Dream Cruise a Car-Geek Heaven

Our out-of-town reporter experiences his first Dream Cruise.

by on Aug.20, 2011

Is this heaven? Flame on at the Woodward Dream Cruise. Photo: Alice Hudder.

There is such a thing as car-geek heaven, and it’s in southeast Michigan.

One can only imagine the conversation between a ghostly hot-rodder and the poor kid working the counter at the Coney dog stand.

Ghost: “Is this heaven?”

Kid: “No, it’s Oakland County.”

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OK, OK, Woodward Avenue between Pontiac, Mi. and Ferndale, Mi. isn’t crawling with old muscle cars and hopped-up rat rods year-round. But once a year, the Woodward Dream Cruise brings plenty of classic cars—as well as late-model and new cars that have a performance bent—to the Detroit area, where they cruise Woodward while locals camp out and look on as if they were sitting in the prime seats at the Tigers’ Comerica Park.

They start turning out on the balmy Detroit evenings all week, as if getting into some practice before the official Dream Cruise takes place on a Saturday.  Maybe, some tell, you, it’s better to come out early if you actually want to see those muscle cars move because, by Saturday morning, Woodward is nothing but a slow-moving parking lot/car show.


Big Change in Store for Classic Woodward Dream Cruiser Garage

From service station to serving food?

by on Aug.17, 2011

Columnist Mike Davis sits in front of the Vinsetta Garage during better days. Photo by Len Katz.

There’s curious news for the Dream Cruise coming to Detroit’s Woodward Avenue this weekend.  An icon of the muscle car era will be going through a dramatic change.

Last December, the historic Vinsetta Garage unexpectedly shut its doors.  Perhaps nothing along the city’s main boulevard was more closely associated with the era of muscle cars – or the annual Woodward Dream Cruise that draws tens of thousands of classic cars and over a million spectators to line the long route.  So, many were worried that the retro-classic garage would be knocked down for yet another strip mall or chain restaurant.

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But according to a report in The Detroit Free Press, the 91-year-old facility will reopen next spring as a moderately upscale restaurant – but one likely maintaining the familiar Vinsetta Garage façade and logo.

The old building, with its long disconnected Shell Oil gasoline pumps, has been a familiar site to Woodward motorists, formal (as in Cruisers) and informal (mere commuters), for decades.