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Tesla Tells Deposit Holders that Model X Coming in Early 2015

EV maker producing prototypes this fall.

by on Jun.17, 2014

Tesla's Model X will start rolling off the production line next spring, according to a letter from the company to those who put down deposits on the crossovers.

When it’s not discussing the possibility of producing a submersible car or one that can fly, Tesla Motors reminds people that it produces real-world vehicles, in this case, it recently told potential owners of the Model X that the crossovers will begin rolling off the production line in early 2015: a little sooner than anticipated.

In a letter to people who have put down $5,000 deposits on the EV maker’s next addition to its line-up, the company said it would begin building prototypes this fall and the road-ready models would be available in the first half of next year.

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Tesla has been pointing to sometime next year as the plan for the next vehicle in its portfolio – the others been the couple and Model S – which is also expected to include an affordable sedan sometime after 2016. (more…)

Tesla Teaser Reveals Model X

Complete, on-line unveiling scheduled for Feb 9.

by on Feb.01, 2012

Tesla provides prospective buyers a look at its next mainstream model.

It hasn’t even put its first mainstream offering, the Model S sedan, into production yet, but California electric car start-up Tesla Motors already is teasing the product to follow, the Model X crossover.

As with the Model S – with which it shares the underlying platform – the Model X crossover was originally scheduled to debut last year but has been pushed back until late in 2013, according to the battery-car maker.

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The high-contrast image, a silhouette sent in a mailing to customers, was taken at the maker’s Southern California design studio. There are clear similarities to the Model S visible in the image, starting with the stylized “T” logo on the grille, but the Model X appears to have a higher roofline that tapers rearward more like a BMW 5GT or X6.