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Tesla Recalling Half of All Cars It Has Ever Built

Latest setback affects half of all vehicles company has ever built.

by on Mar.30, 2018

Tesla's Model S has now faced three recalls.

Tesla has announced that it is recalling 123,000 Model S sedans, almost half of all the vehicles it has produced since going into business.

The move, signaled by a letter sent to customers Thursday, was triggered by problems with steering bolts that could cause the failure of the power steering system on vehicles built prior to April 2016.

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This is at least the third instance in which Tesla had to recall a sizable share of its products due to a safety-related problem. Service actions have become more commonplace in recent years as manufacturers have come under pressure to quickly address safety problems. But the new Tesla move is significant both for its size and due to the fact that the automaker has been experiencing a series of setbacks, including the loss of roughly a third of its value in the stock market in recent weeks.


Tesla Adding Protection to Model S Battery Case

New triple underbody shield installed free-of-charge.

by on Mar.28, 2014

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the company was installing a triple underbody shield to provide additional protection for the Model S battery case.

Just as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it was ending its investigation into the Tesla Model S fires, the EV maker announced it is adding a “triple underbody shield” to Model S to eliminate any possibility of the battery compartment being punctured.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based EV maker began adding the shield, which is really a series of three shields, to vehicles manufactured after March 6 and is offering to retrofit existing vehicles upon request of the owner or when the vehicle is brought in for regular maintenance free of charge.

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The new shield is in response to three vehicle fires last year that occurred after Model S drivers struck an object in the road. There were no injuries in any of the incidents, but the cars were completely destroyed. Tesla dismissed the incidents as flukes, but the fires caught the attention of officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). (more…)