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Tesla Extends Range…on Roadster

Musk’s forgotten child gets some updates.

by on Dec.26, 2014

The Tesla Roadster 2.0 is getting an upgrade to 3.0 to extend the car's range from 245 miles to 400 miles.

Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk, has been making noise on Twitter about an announcement regarding the company’s first vehicle – the Roadster – for more than a week and now he’s let the cat out of the bag: it can go nearly 400 miles on a charge.

The improved results are coming from a new prototype package the company calls Roadster 3.0. Those changes include an improved lithium ion battery that has 31% more energy, a retro-fitted aero kit to improve the vehicle’s coefficient of drag and low-resistance tires that are 20% better than their predecessors. Tesla officials declined to elaborate on pricing or availability. The Roadster originally had a range of about 245 miles on a charge.

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“Combining all of these improvements we can achieve a predicted 40-50% improvement on range between the original Roadster and Roadster 3.0,” the company wrote in a blog post. “There is a set of speeds and driving conditions where we can confidently drive the Roadster 3.0 over 400 miles. (more…)

Battle With Times Cost Tesla $100 Million, Says CEO

“A few 100” orders cancelled, but stock takes big hit.

by on Feb.26, 2013

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shown with the Toyota RAV4-EV that uses his company's powertrain.

While Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk claims the battery-car maker came out on top in its battle with the New York Times over a critical review, he also claims the bitter dispute wound up costing Tesla “a few 100” lost sales and as much as a $100 million hit to its stock valuation.

The February 8th story in the Times claimed the Tesla Model S sedan driven by reporter John Broder ran out of power during a drive from Washington, DC to Boston, forcing Broder to load it on a flatbed to reach a charging station so he could complete the trip.

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In a noisy he-said/she-said dispute, Tesla CEO Musk provided information from the Model S sedan’s onboard data recorder which appeared to suggest the reporter made mistakes along the way that resulted in the battery-car running out of power early. A statement from the Times acknowledged Broder may not have used “especially good judgment,” though it also insisted Tesla made some mistakes, as well.