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Tesla Devotees Charging Across the Country to Set Record

Four-man team using only maker's supercharger network for trip.

by on Jan.30, 2014

A team of four is attempting to set a world record by driving a Tesla Model S from Los Angeles to New York using only the maker's network of superchargers in just three days.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder, has been threatening to take his family on a cross-country vacation in a Model S using only the company’s recently completed Supercharger network to power up the vehicle.

But before he even powered up his car, one family’s already done it and a team of four is seeking to set a world record for the trip.

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A father-daughter team drove from New York to Los Angeles in five days. Now, the four-man Cross Country Rally team is currently attempting to break the newly established “record” by completing the 3,400-mile trek in reverse – Los Angeles to New York – in just three days. (more…)

Tesla Gains Ground in America’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods

West Coasters leading the charge to get the pricey EV.

by on Nov.04, 2013

Tesla is scoring big with wealthy Americans as it has become the new "it" car to own.

“The rich are different from you and me,” or so is the slightly misquoted comment from F. Scott Fitzgerald, but the fact is that they can afford from pretty exclusive vehicles – such as the Tesla Model S, the battery-electric vehicle that tops out at more than $100,000.

And according to the latest sales data, it’s become one of the favorites among the affluent motoring sect. Data tracking service Edmunds reports that the Model S is now the most-registered new car in eight of the nation’s 25 wealthiest neighborhoods tracked by zip code.

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But the bulk of those communities are located in California, as anyone who has visited the sprawling Los Angeles metroplex lately can’t help but notice. It appears that the Tesla battery car has become the latest status symbol among the region’s trend-setters – among the rich, a more fitting green fashion statement than the more plebian Toyota Prius that gained notoriety a few years back when actor Leonardo DiCaprio arrived in one for the Oscars ceremony. (more…)