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Mobile Charging Station for Electric Cars Revealed

Swiss company shows roadside recharging for stranded EVs.

by on Sep.13, 2010

Range remains a real problem for potential buyers.

A Swiss company involved in energy storage and electric grid load leveling management is showing a mobile charging system for electric cars, which it claims is a world first. The so-called “NationMobile Angel Car” (sic) can be used for charging batteries of stranded electric vehicles.

Range anxieties among potential buyers – as well as the lack of a recharging infrastructure which contributes to these worries – are among the impediments to making EVs more than the limited production, technical curiosities that they are today.

Forty percent of consumers report they are likely to test drive an electric vehicle, according to a recent study of U.S. adults. However, overall awareness of EVs remains low. Even those who follow EV developments and news reports remain concerned about batteries – the Achilles heel of what remain very expensive vehicles.

“For a new product category, interest in electric vehicles is strong and likely to grow as more vehicles enter the market and consumers become more aware of them,” said Chris Ely, manager of industry analysis, for the Consumer Electronics Association, the publisher of the study.