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First Drive: 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Struggling automaker pins comeback hopes on new compact crossover.

by on Dec.20, 2017

The new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross sees the company seizing on the rising trend favoring compact crossovers.

The death of small cars has been greatly exaggerated, particularly since they have been morphing into small crossovers that are becoming more and more popular.

Mitsubishi is seizing on this trend with the introduction of the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross; a small crossover vehicle with a flat floor so it’s technically a truck but it combines a stylish contemporary exterior with the quickness and maneuverability of a compact car.

Reviews You Can Use!

The name basically tells the story. The Eclipse was a sporty compact that as popular with buyers years ago while the Cross indicates the vehicle has been completely revised as a crossover for buyers, many of them way too young to remember Mitsubishi’s glory days, who are looking for an affordable vehicle today. (more…)

Mitsubishi Revamping Entire U.S. Line-Up

Eclipse, Endeavor and Galant gone as maker moves new models into struggling Illinois plant.

by on Jan.20, 2011

Mitsubishi missed the mark when it launched the latest-generation Eclipse.

As part of a bold transformation, dubbed Jump 2013, that could prove essential for the maker’s survival, Mitsubishi will kill off and replace its entire line-up of U.S.-made models, including the once-popular Eclipse coupe and Endeavor crossover.

An entirely new line of products will be launched to replace the outgoing models, promises CEO Osamu Masuko, who envisions the maker’s assembly line in Normal, Illinois, as a major export center.

Following the lead of other global makers, including Ford Motor Co., Mitsubishi will migrate to fewer flexible global platforms that can be used for a variety of models – both conventionally-powered and others using alternative propulsions systems, according to Masuko, who outlined the plan during a Japanese news conference today.

In the Know!

The Jump 2013 strategy has been a long time in coming and reflects the Japanese maker’s bid to reverse years of setbacks, particularly in the American market, where it has steadily lost ground over the last decade.  From a peak for 345,000, sales tumbled to barely 50,000 in recent years.  The numbers did rise 3%, to 55,683 last year, but while that was a much hoped-for increase, it lagged well behind the recovery of the overall U.S. market.