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Mitsubishi’s Evo Could Be Gone by 2014

Automaker plans to turn over entire lineup to focus on high-efficiency vehicles.

by on Mar.03, 2011

Under Mitsubishi's current product plan the vaunted Evo X could go away by 2014.

What would Mitsubishi be like without its best car, the Lancer Evolution X? Looks like we might get a chance to find out.

According to a report in British car magazine Autocar, Mitsubishi’s future product plans do not include an 11th generation of the niche rally racer, meaning the ultimate pocket rocket could be gone by 2014. Instead Mitsubishi is focusing on building fuel efficient vehicles, particularly electric cars.

The Evo has become a cult classic, a boy-racer rocket living in the body of a budget economy car. The Evo may have a bargain-basement interior, but the bits underneath are what counts.

Lineup Evolution!

With a turbocharged 292-horsepower four cylinder and a sophisticated all-wheel-drive sytem, the Evo is the perfect tool for carving up everything from a loose gravel road to kinky tarmac.