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Marty’s Marketing Minutia: Mission Possible

Does good movie box office translate into good car sales?

by on Dec.27, 2011

Actors Paula Patton and Tom Cruise with their BMW i8 in the new Mission Impossible movie.

Last Friday night, along with thousands of other invitees around the country, I attended a special sneak preview of the new Tom Cruise action movie, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  I was lucky.  Most of the folks who attended the official opening weekend for the fourth in the MI series had to lay out $8, $10, even $12 a ticket – driving the latest entry in the Mission Impossible franchise to a weekend box office tally of $26.6 million.

So, not only did the fast-moving flick win rave reviews from the likes of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and NPR, but it snatched the number-one box office spot – helping reposition Cruise as America’s top-drawing action star.

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As we all know automobile manufacturers have long made the pilgrimage to tinsel town to get product placement of their logoed vehicles in thriller, chase, spy, intrigue, travel and comical movies. Often the cars or trucks are just – in Hollywood parlance – extras or character actors. They don’t play an integral role in plot development. But there are some films in which the cars help move the plot line forward and have an important role.