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The Ad Sky Limitless for Mini Open

From billboards to the Mini Open-ometer.

by on Feb.17, 2009

2010 Mini Open makes smashing Detroit debut

2010 Mini Open makes "smashing" Detroit debut.

Mini dealers around the country will be open for open business in a few weeks with the new 2009 Mini convertible. The iconic Brit Brand, now a part of Germany’s BMW Group, has, in a few short years, arguably become the most unique brand in the world.

This reputation, in part, has been due to the inimitable, quirky, idiosyncratic and different approach to its advertising. Like all good advertising, should, but seldom does, it starts with the product. Mini’s ad pro-grams have faithfully followed this axiom and continue it unabated, even with a change in ad agencies a few years ago.

From the get-go nothing has been sacrosanct, even the most sacred cows of advertising. A comprehensive retrospective of some outstanding elements of Mini’s quirky and odd, but effective advertising is on the web.

It’s important to note, I’ve been a fan of Mini’s advertising since day one. Happily, the new convertible is no exception, in fact it adds to the Mini’s distinctive image of individuality and personality.

The hype began at the Detroit Show when the new Mini convertible was driven through faux ice to startle the assembled auto journalists.