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GM Amps Things Up with 2017 Colorado, Canyon Trucks

New V-6 for Chevy, GMC adds two new midsize pickup models.

by on Aug.30, 2016

GM is looking to continue the growth of its midsize truck entries, including new marketing campaigns.

General Motors has made some major inroads into the rebounding midsize truck market with the reborn Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups. Now, it’s looking to build even more momentum with a mix of new variants and improved powertrain options.

That includes an all-new V-6 mated with an eight-speed automatic for mainstream Chevy, while the “professional grade” side of the house adds two new models, the GMC Canyon Denali, and the “off-road-inspired” Canyon All Terrain X.

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Once written off for dead, the midsize market has shown new life during the last two years, in large part due to the return of the Colorado and Canyon models, analysts contend. In turn, the strong demand for the two GM models “has justified our continued investment in midsize pickups,” said Anita Burke, chief engineer for Colorado. (more…)

Ram Boss Says Room for Two in Midsize Truck Line-Up

Jeep Wrangler-based option already in the works.

by on Mar.31, 2016

Are Fiat Chrysler officials considering adding a second midsize pickup to its line-up for the Ram brand?

Fiat Chrysler wouldn’t be the first automaker ever to change course.

After months of denying it has any interest in returning to the midsize truck segment that is expanding like wildfire an FCA official hinted at the possibility of not one offering but two.

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“I think there’s opportunity there in the US if you look at what’s happened in the mid-size segment here – significant growth last year,” Jeep and Ram boss Mike Manley told the Detroit News. (more…)

With HR-V, New Ridgeline, Honda Hopes to Close the Truck Gap

by on Mar.02, 2015

Honda's new HR-V is just one of several new truck introductions aimed at bolstering Honda's truck sales.

With fuel prices at levels U.S. consumers haven’t seen in years, light truck sales are booming. That’s good news for most manufacturers since pickups, SUVs and minivans tend to deliver some of the industry’s biggest profit margins.

But the market shift has been frustrating for the folks at Honda, who’ve watched their share of the truck segment slide since reaching a peak during the middle of the previous decade. That’s something the Japanese maker hopes to begin rectifying in the months ahead as Honda rolls out an assortment of new and updated light trucks, such as the all-new HR-V utility vehicle and the completely redesigned Ridgeline pickup.

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“With gas prices likely to remain low, (the truck) segment is likely to continue to grow for some time,” said Jeff Conrad, general manager of the Honda brand, during a media drive of the new HR-V last week. “The challenge, he acknowledged, will be to “get our fair share.” (more…)

Toyota Reveals New Tacoma

Beefier, likely better equipped. But is a V-6 in the offing?

by on Jan.08, 2015

Toyota offers a first official look at the next-gen Tacoma pickup ahead of its Detroit launch next week.

With the North American International Auto Show approaching fast, Toyota has released the first full, official images of the next-generation Tacoma pickup. But the maker is maintaining silence when it comes to specific details about the next-generation midsize truck, despite speculation it will add a new, more powerful V-6 to the powertrain line-up.

That might make sense considering the new competition from General Motors, which is offering both a fuel-efficient four, as well as a V-6, for buyers of its new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon models – with a diesel set to come later this year.

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Long the midsize pickup segment leader, Toyota is facing a potentially serious challenge from GM, while Nissan and Honda are also developing updated models that could chip away at the Tacoma’s long-running lead.


GMC Canyon Aims to Draw Buyers Back to Midsize Pickups

If GMC builds it, will they come?

by on Jan.12, 2014

The 2015 GMC Canyon makes its world debut in Detroit. The midsize pickup truck delivers 193 horsepower.

To paraphrase the familiar quote from the film, “Field of Dreams,” if General Motors builds it, will they come?  Midsize pickups, that is.  And with the launch of the 2015 GMC Canyon at the North American International Auto Show, the Detroit maker is bucking a trend that’s seen this once wildly popular market segment dwindle to little more than an insignificant niche.

Over the last couple years, both of GM’s cross-town competitors have abandoned the midsize pickup segment leaving only Toyota and Nissan to carve up the relatively few remaining buyers.  Back in the 1970s, midsize trucks actually outsold full-size models, and sales still were in the million range in the ‘90s. But in 2013, demand dipped to a mere 227,000.

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That was a 14% year-over-year decline even as big rigs like the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra were enjoying a huge turnaround, collective sales surging to 1.9 million, up from just 1.1 million during the depths of the recession.

Despite that downward trend, GM introduced the all-new Chevrolet Colorado during the L.A. Auto Show last November and is following up with the sibling GMC Canyon in Detroit.